Help with Power readings

There’s something not right with the powertap readings + kickr snap combination. my FTP indoor is almost 50 watts lower. Here’s an example of 2 different ramp tests, one is with the powertap and powermatch and one is without it.

there’s a gap of 4 months between both, but i have been getting stronger on the roads, but the powerreadings have absolutely no sync.

is there anyway to trouble shoot this issue? i have been making gains with the powertap’s readings too. put 16 watts on it. but the readings definitely make me question if my training is effective and is making me stronger on the road?

does training in a lowerpower/HR indoor give you lesser gains than doing the same at higher power outdoors? even if the level of exertion is same?

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Don’t trust any power reading you are getting from the Snap. Trust only your power meter. I’ve had 2 Snaps and power accuracy is a joke compared to my 4iii power meter i.e. up to 100 or more watts out depending on how hard I’m going. Ended up getting a refund. My Hammer trainer now agrees reasonably well with the 4iii power meter and my newer Assioma Duo power meter pedals.


Like Nigel said, definitely trust the device you use for power measurement indoors and out. The KICKR Snap ends up being quite a bit less accurate than some of the other smart trainers in its family, so I would recommend continuing to use, train with, and test with the Powertap power meter and PowerMatch enabled. This will let you see the gains indoors and out, all without worrying about accuracy or consistency of measurement.

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