Same Power Meter Used Indoor and Out-Ramp Result Correlation To Outside Bike Test

New to TR but, have been using power since 2008. Come race day I need/want to be confident that my on bike numbers are realistic. For ITT’s specifically.

Have those of you who use the SAME power meter for the trainer and outside work correlated (validated) your results from the ramp test to what you can do outside? For example: ramp=220W, bike test=210W etc…and how did they vary? I will test both bikes outside but, am interested to hear other results!

I’m using the power matching feature of Trainer road. So when I put in 200 watts on the indoor trainer, measured by my Quarq, I know that 200 watts effort outside will be the same.

Darn. I use a dumb trainer. That’s an awesome feature for those with smart trainers!

I’m doing that tomorrow. I did a ramp test this week and I’m going out to do one of these test at FTP I got from the ramp test and I’ll report back.

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Sweet! I’ll do it as well probably very close to when I start racing. TT bike and road. Yuk

FYI best (.95)20 this year was avg 326W for 309FTP. Last ramp yielded 304W. I actually feel pretty powerful and definitely pedaling from the hip differently (more?) but 320W avg for 20 min (304 FTP) seems like a big ask on the bike. Prep and pacing are so different as you know.

I’m excited for it (right now at least). There is a big hole in the 35-60 minute section for the off season power chart so it’s time to fill it!


Progression 1 for me.

Have a good one tomorrow!

Same stages power meter, indoor this summer was 275, outdoor was 305.

cooling and the demands the flywheel puts on you hamper your indoor ride figures.

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Also got the fact that for ITT will be in aero position and often lose bit of power…for me the loss of power roughly equals the loss of power due to indoor factors (such as cooling) - so my ITT power outdoors is pretty much on my indoor ftp! If sat up outdoors then find efforts easier than indoors (mainly due to cooling I think). All with same PM

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My highest outdoor FTP’s have been on my TT bike. Can not explain it and it’s been this way for some time. (Road and TT pro fits from Cyclologic). Everyone else I chat with is exactly as you say…

Follow up from my outside test:

The Ramp Test was within 5w of my outside test result and my WKO4 modeled FTP. I had also ever so slightly underperformed on my Ramp Test (my ending HR was a few beats off from max HR) so it’s probably even closer. I’m pretty happy with the validation and feel confident that the Ramp Test is an accurate FTP estimate to use going forward (at least for me personally)


@stevemz Thanks for the report! Very cool!