Help me to understand records

Hi from Spain, so sorry if my english ain’t so good.
Sometimes I see a cup and a number besides. On this workout says “All Time x60”
This is the workout:

What does it mean x60??

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It means that there are 60 time slots where you have all time power records, I think each time slot is every second for 0-60 seconds then every five seconds for 60 seconds to 30 minutes then every thirty seconds to, well forever.

If you look at the graph below “Personal records” you can select any seasons you have created and you can then see how that ride compares to that season. I did it for your 2020 season and it looks like you’ve got PRs from 1hr30 all the way to 2hrs.

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On the Personal Records graph, click “endurance”.

Now, can you see where the blue line and red line overlap each other? From 1 hour 30mins - 2 hours. That means this workout was your personal best power for those durations.


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Thanks. I was aware about comparing limes and overlapping. Also the key now is have undersood the slot times. That was the missing key.