Anyone know what the "All Time x 2" trophy image means?

Anyone know what the “All Time x 2” trophy image means?
It appeared after a Sweet Spot session today and just wondering what it means - thanks!

You set two all time power records. Go to personal records and you can see your power curve with the records.


Thanks for the replies, but the ride didn’t feel like I had done anything special - here’s the Personal Records screenshot.
From looking at this chart, the McGregor -3 session is in red, and my all time power in a dark blue/navy.
I would have thought that if I attained a PR during the McGregor -3 session then the red line would be above the blue line (not below it) - but maybe I am misunderstanding the data…?

Not that it should make much difference but I had to change the batteries in my power meters (Stages SB20 bike) approx 10 mins into the workout.
I find the batteries for this bike do not last very long (approx 3 months but maybe it’s because it gets used most days by myself and my wife)

fyi… screenshot for this workout

Your TR chart is only showing endurance, durations greater than 30seconds. Can you switch to Sprint or Total and see if there is a power spike in your short power? By default Intervals will remove power spikes, so showing that chart doesn’t help.

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Ah thanks @WindWarrior I see what you mean - looks like there was some big power spike possibly due to the battery failure on my bike - here’s the Sprint chart


Yes, thats the problem.

Under the edit options for the ride (the three dots) you can choose to exclude that ride from your Personal power Records (un tick the box). IMO itd be wise to do so.


nice one @HLaB - that’s the exact question I had emailed TR Support last night - thanks!
I had also asked them if it would affect my AI FTP auto-detection number which is due on Monday

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This reminds me of a feature request i had made some years back. I asked that when the PRs are reported by TR, that it also reports the tine interval for the PRs. Would make it a lot easier than looking it up with the graphs.


I asked them if something like the feature could be implemented

Here is at least onerequest asking for better visibility of the PR charts:

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I was awarded 2 PBs recently (for Ericsson+2 Sweet Spot workout) but from inspection of the graph - I cannot see where they occurred.
As you can see from the chart, at no point does the red line exceed the blue line, not sure if I’m missing something…

I believe that that ultimate point where your review shows the matching values, IS the actual record. If you ever look at a workout like this immediately at completion, you can see a delta between a PR workout and the “old” record.

From what I have seen, at some point when TR reconciles the workout to determine PR’s, you will see the duplication/overlap shown above. I have not bothered to do this test, but if you made a season that ended one day before this workout, I think you would see a delta that shows the real PR.

This highlights the fact that I think TR does a poor job of showing these types of PR’s. They take effort to find vs TR making them obvious, and I think the time issue I mention leads to more potential confusion.

If you load more seasons, and then click in the window to view the deeper details, you can see more specifics about time and workouts related to any PR. Related article with details:

There are a couple of requests on making this better and here is one for reference:

Click on Total or Sprint in the upper right of the first screenshot - in order to see power duration curve (mean maximal power) from 1 to 30 seconds. You can’t see all durations in your first screenshot

ah, I see what you mean @mcneese.chad , that very last point where they intersect is being deemed a PR, even though there is no visible delta between the two points.
Not to worry - just thought I may have been missing something.

@WindWarrior the Total chart shows a similar profile.
The Sprint lines don’t intersect at any point.

Sure they do…

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what’s going on at the end, around 2 hours?