What does this number signify?

Beneath the power graph on my rides and also on the ride summary is see the below. What does the number represent?

[trophy icon] [season name] x427

Thanks @rnarius - so the number = 487 personal records? And a personal record can be set for individual seconds?

Our Personal Records chart was designed to be very, very granular and be viewable down to each individual second. Although most people just look at their 1, 5, 10, and 20-minute bests, for example, we wanted to give you the most flexibility to train for your goal event. That number is the amount of different duration PRs that you just set for your “Autumn 2018 HC” season. As time passes and you progress through, the amount of those should probably end up decreasing somewhat. Hope this helps!

Super thanks @larry, that’s what I suspected, very helpful.