Help Me Pick My -A- Race

Hey all,
I need help figuring out what to put as my A race.
I know, I know…whatever is most important, easy. Well, not quite.
My original plan was to have my A race be State TT at the beginning of this month (July), a 150 mile prep race as a B race at the end of the month, then LOTOJA my second A in September. That gave me just enough time to have two A’s and do sustained power then climbing RR plans. But the state TT was moved to Aug. 14th (or so) because of conflicts with a couple other races in the area. Thanks to the date, I only have time for one A race now, and I’m not sure which one to put that will get the most fitness out of me for the entire journey.
Originally my major focus was the TT, and that’s still the case. However, my sustained power and SS/Threshold abilities are pretty set and I know I need more V02 and slightly suprathreshold efforts to keep growing. In other words, I feel like having the sustained power build as my A focus won’t provide me the most growth, as that’s already my strength and I should probably focus on other stimuli to grow more.
So what would you do if you were me? My strengths are long, hard efforts and all three races have that (40k TT, 150 mile and 200 mile races). So which one should I set as an A to see me have the best form through the three races, not just for one?
Let me know if you have any other questions or need some clarification. I’m just looking for ideas to maximize progression and results after the calendar changed. Cheers!