Help me choose my plan

EDIT: swim is 500 m and run is only 3k! so my main focus have to be on bike(im also stronger runner which will not be advantege in this race)

I have triathlon coming in June 18th, which is non standard length. It’s 28 km starting with hill approximately 4 km long which has few part around 8-10% and in average around 4-5%. Then it’s rolling terrain.

I personally don’t know which plan to choose. Was thinking Olympic tri, but then there might be no focus on rolling terrain, so maybe rolling or climbing road plan? But in rolling plan, there are training focusing on mass start etc which triathlon obviously is not. I’m new and confused, you can see exactly the race in strava link.

I have around 6-10 hours to spend on bike 4-5 days max.


I’d just go with Olympic as the bike duration is going to be pretty close to a flat 40km. Fastest pacing strategy even on a rolling triathlon course is to smooth out your power on those climbs and not go too deep, since you still have to run afterwards. And going too hard on the bike can easily cost you minutes in the run, even at Olympic distance. Whereas in a road race you don’t have to hold anything back for the run, and the most important thing is usually staying with the group and not getting dropped, so you dig as deep as you need to on the climbs to hang on.

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Thanks for the answer, i edited the post with run distance which is only
3 k(im also strong runner) and this race is BIKE heavy, would that change your answer?

That really is a bike heavy event! Still think you’d want to cap your power at something like ~105% on the climbs. Looking at the MV Olympic plan it builds up to workouts like Ainslie +5 (subject to adaptive training adjusting that of course…) which has 7 x 4 minute intervals at 105% which I think equips you really well for pushing over shorter climbs or steeper sections of a long climb. The road race plans are aimed more at having to put in big spikes of power well above threshold to either initiate a break or respond to an attack. You just shouldn’t be throwing in those spikes in a triathlon so don’t really need to train for that.

i see, that is realy good input. So can i then try mid volume TimeTrial plan? mid volume TT is around my planned volume for bike and i think it match the effort in triatlon. i had a look at olympic plan and there is to much running which will not be needed in this event, and 2-3 runs will be more then enaugh.