Help i want to eat everything

how do all of you deal with not eating everything in the world at all times? I’ve been doing indoor training for the past two months and doing strength training for the past 3 weeks and my appetite is out of control.

I’ve still got a bit of weight to lose and (this is very bro-sciencey) it makes sense that i’d try and restrict my calories while i’m doing all of this training and get my body composition just right, but man it feels like i’ve got a pit in my stomach that just won’t go away.

will this fade? will i just get used to it? brb i’m going to eat every single christmas cookie everybody is bringing into the office


I’m in the same position. As someone prone to mindless snacking, what I am trying to do is to make sure my three main meals are large enough that I eat to satiety, whilst maintaining decent macros and whole foods. Going to bed earlier so I have enough rest for my morning workouts helps eliminate the late-night mindless snacking.

Anecdotally, when I am constantly hungry, it is often because I am not eating enough protein.


How are you fueling your workouts?

I take a gel (20-25g of carb) 15 min before and 50-80 grams/hr of carb drink during (4 kCal per gram) .

I rarely get hunger pangs from regular training.


Hi, I actually started getting very hungry as I started doing 2 times a week strength training, and continued 3 times a week TR and some recreational Hockey. I think I adjusted to the additional strength training, in terms of hunger and sleep, in about a couple of months.

Of course, this isn’t really the best season to be away from food, as it just seems to follow us around.

And me too, I love eating. Thankfully healthy things.

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most of my cycling workouts are done first thing in the morning and only last an hour or maybe hour and fifteen minutes. it’s not that i’m having trouble getting through the workouts themselves, it’s the rest of the day (like right now) where i’ve eaten pretty sensible portions of good food but i could still just destroy any food you put in front of me

Fully agree, and same timing as you in terms of morning workouts. I drink water, green tea and chew gum when the office floor has cookies, donuts and bagels to offer.

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Had similar issues forever, and I’m a heavier guy because of it. Recently started intermittent fasting and that has helped, mainly because it reduces the amount of time I’m “allowed” to eat in a day. No more snacking at night or in the morning. I personally work out in evenings after supper, so that works for me as my ride itself isn’t fasted and depletes some calories for fasting :slight_smile:


If you’re putting in the work why restrict at all? Sounds like your body wants some extra calories based on the training load. I don’t know what your race schedule is, but if races don’t start until spring/summer why optimize body comp in December?

Unless we’re talking about junk food and snacks, then yes I suppose you’d want to limit those.


I was about to say the same thing. Focus on nutrient rich non-calorie dense whole foods and you can just about eat all you want then! Go get Endurance Diet and eat everything while focusing on quality. I love being able to eat so much while body comp improves and I crush my workouts!


In general, eat more before and during the ride. This will help avoid post ride binging…


Fueling your workout will (a) ensure you have plenty of glycogen available for the workout and (b) prevent you from depleting your levels to the point where you feel like you’re starving later in the day.

Instead of using food, drink soda water. Maybe it’s a bad habit to get into, but the carbonation fills me up.

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I think it’s called the ‘compensation effect’. Especially resistance exercise always gives me a ferocious appetite. Never been able to solve that! Your best hope is to slake that appetite with less calorie dense foods.

Good news is that increased veg intake will act as a kind of positive feedback loop to your fitness.

Imagine how powerful it would be if everybody did 45 minutes of aerobic exercise every day & fed that calorie deficit with nothing but increased fruit and veg intake?

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I snack, all the time. If it’s not nailed down, I’ll have it in my mouth. The workplace is difficult but, it can be managed.

I try and snack healthy BUT, I don’t cut every single treat out. I’m not a pro and I don’t get paid so I’m not living like a pro, or a monk. If there are treats at work, I’ll take a slice of cake or a couple of sweats. If someone has made it, I’m not going to seem rude and why not enjoy someones hard work? If you restrict everything there will come a time when you either resent the goal you’re striving towards or the damn will burst and you’ll gorge.

So I take the little and often approach. It sounds like you’re doing more than enough work anyway :+1:


I share your pain, I’ve always been a greedy bastard with a sweet tooth, and training makes it worse. I stay (mostly) on top of it by snacking on stuff that is fairly healthy and not too calorific, and trying to save the sugary crap for just before or during a workout. Much easier to do when there are easily accessible healthy options - fruit, carrots and hummus, etc. If I’m hungry and there is nothing healthy to hand and a co worker brings in a box of cookies then it’s not a question of whether I’ll have one but whether anybody else gets a look in!

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Your cravings are because your body is shocked at the drain on resources, and desperately trying to restock from the last session and prep for the next session. Fuelling during your workouts will reduce this.

I’m actually on the trainer right now and ate a banana like 20-30 minutes before I started, so we’ll see today!

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I feel your pain and if I don’t watch what I eat the weight goes back on - usually whilst I’m unable to train with a cold and there’s junk food around. I find lots of fluids help feeling fuller and as others have said healthy snacks or fuelling rides.
Tend to find that when it gets colder in the northern hemisphere (Northerly UK) my body seems to crave billions of calories no matter whether I train or not. :thinking:

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I feel you.

If I don’t eat on the bike, I want to eat everything I see off of it.

If I eat on the bike, I still want to eat everything I see off of it.

I blame this on 14,000kj weeks, but even when I was down to 9-10k kj, I would still be a snack monster.

I must have a Labrador gene somewhere.


You can cut a few calories but need to make sure you’re fueled to complete the workouts; it’s a fine line for sure. I think you’d lean up from the consistent workout over time, and the strength training.

course out meals in your head or on an app, it’ll keep you more accountable. Calories add up so quickly, it sucks.

a lot of this is just discipline. If you go in saying that you’re going to eat every cookie, expect that result of not being lean.

Good luck!!