Help i want to eat everything

Eat high-protein, high fiber food and drink enough water (read: diet Coke) befóre you get hungry

As a former champion pie eater myself you have to learn to calorie count whilst improving the quality of nutrition you consume which will helps tighten the nut and improve your personal discipline. The bottom line is get your calorie intake dialled in, be aware losing weight and increasing FTP is usually to the detriment of one or both goals.

I’ve always found cycling helps with my discipline as cycling up a hill carrying extra lard isn’t my idea of a fun day out and I always make myself suffer so it’s easily remembered when biscuits, KFC or any other goodies are on offer.


Yeah I also feel this–I get really distracted when I’m hungry and sometimes feel like I can’t focus at all unless I get something to eat.

Follow all the sensible advice about eating whole foods and good meals. I’m also making more of an effort to eat on the bike while training and see how that goes.

There’s also a few specific snacks that work well for me when I get super hungry at my desk at work. I found a beef jerky that I really like that is pretty high quality. It’s tasty and the texture helps trick me into feeling more satisfied with just a few bites. This is the brand I like and they offer a few different styles: Browse Products by Aisle and Section - Whole Foods Market

A new small nibbles–emphasis on small and nibbles–of dark chocolate also distracts me from feeling like I need to eat everything and helps me skip the sweets bowl at work.

If any of you guys want to pop round we’ve got several kilos of turkey, gammon, cheese, cakes and sweets in the fridge. I may die trying to consume them all before they go bad.

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I had the same issue but I lost some weight beginning of this year by planning structuring my eating. I do this by following a the same meal plan every day during the weight loss it went like this
Pre-ride 1 cup quick oats and a banana
After ride protein shake and egg x3(I do raw but you don’t have too)
2 fruits green apple and orange is my favourite
Tea time half cup bran 1 cup rolled oats
Lunch 100g protein (lean chicken beef roo or turkey )
And a green vegetable spinach, cabbage, asparagus etc
Dinner is the same as lunch but add some carbs for the training the next day.
For snacks get Grossetti sticks or mini toast add some tomato and onion chopped fine

The important thing is never get hungry! Keep eating every 2 hours at least I lost 10kg in about 12weeks. However as the TR guys noted losing weight affects your FTP. I am up 5 kg now but training hard still following this eating plan daily

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