Weekends always riding outdoor, low or mid volume?

I will always ride outdoor on weekends, was wondering if it’s better for development to stick with low volume Mon wed Fri and just tack on the weekend rides, or go mid volume and substitute weekend rides?

Gut says stick to low and tack them on but thought to ask around.

Oh and weekend rides tend to be pretty manageable intensity but long

I’d start low, I’ve always done low volume with the specific reason it gives me space to add on outside rides.
If you find low volume isn’t challenging enough you can always manually add some workouts from the mid volume plan using the new calendar function and see how the body reacts, or substitute workouts for the longer variations if they exist on days you have time for longer workouts.


Nice one, thx @philrcook. Thought that would be the sensible thing.

I’d be inclined to start low, you can always progress volume/TSS if you find midweek rides not challenging enough.

Hi, I do low volume, but move the days to Monday, Wednesday, Friday then steady out door ride Sunday, seems to work well for me.

Great, thanks everyone. I will go with low and move them to Mon wed Fri. Let’s see how that goes