Help fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

Tallac -1 Instructions glich (looks like a repeat from 5 minutes prior) at 33 minutes in. at the 1 minute break in the middle of the 2nd set.

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Not quite a typo in the text but a tiny glitch in the workout which is totally benign but offends my OCD!

Stickney has a 1 second ramp at 50:00 which is clearly a mistake. It doesn’t show on the workout in the calendar and the only give-away is that the final ramp is only 19:59.

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Carson -3 has several references to 7m intervals, when the longest is 3.5m.

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In Eclipse +1, the refers to 20 min intervals (including saying you have 10 minutes left when you have more). The intervals in Eclipse +1 are 25 minutes (vanilla Eclipse is 20 min intervals).

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Blue Top and Montara are VO2 Max workouts that doesn’t appear to have an Outside option. It doesn’t look particularly difficult or dangerous to perform outdoors, and many of their alternates which are much more complicated do have the Outdoor option.

Collingsworth description says high cadence and transitioning between upright and aero positions. In ride instructions are different cadences and in and out of saddle exactly like Anai Mudi and Jefferson instructions.

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Still the case

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Just starting this workout and one of the first messages off the opening calls the workout Lavagh, if I read it right.

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Its a lost cause. IMO.

When I first started using TrainerRoad (cira 2015) their attention to detail was part of ‘the sell’, never seem to release stuff early with bugs, everything just worked.
I guess there has been increasing pressure to release features earlier and a larger number of workouts suddenly appeared. I dont think I have done a workout in the 2 years that didnt have an error in the text and reading this thread back I cant find any that have been fixed.

Just saying.

Hey there,

We do view this thread and regularly fix typos that are mentioned here. We appreciate everyone taking the time to point them out so we can make the edits we do!

I know that the workouts from approximately the last year or so (for as long as I’ve been working my current role in the TR Forum) that have been posted here have been fixed – we (the Forum moderators) report each note left in this thread to a team of employees here at TR who then investigate and make tweaks as necessary.

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Okay, if i get time… be prepared for an influx, because I have not done a single workout in the last three weeks without a mistake (some reported before.)

The main ones are the descriptions. I.e 3 x 15 minute when its 3x 16 minutes etc

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Rather than in ride text typos it the workout description that I see the most errors.

“Sonoran is 3x12-minute over-under intervals alternating between 2 to 4 minutes at 95% FTP and 2 minutes at 105% FTP with 10-minute recoveries between intervals. The second interval is 6:30 minutes.”

It is 2x 12 minutes over under intervals, first and third set, the second set is shorter 6.5 minutes (3 minutes under, 3.5 minutes over.) Which is tagged on to the end of the description. The recoveries are not 10 minutes they are 12 minutes.

Ascunion welcomes you to Dans. There is also a zero length 45% segment in the warm-up.

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TrainerRoad, when you get a chance, can you please fix Andrews to have a stepped warm-up? Right now it has a 10-minute ramp from 50-70%, but the lack of steps makes it difficult / impossible to extend the warm-up and stay at a specific power zone in erg mode.

Most other workouts have 4 min @ 50%, 3 min @ 57%, and 3 min at 64% (like the custom workout below). Thanks!

About 45 minutes into the workout, there’s a reference to ‘your lifting weights’.
It should be “you’re”

Not exactly a typo, but “Abbey” and “Monitor -1” appear to be the identical workout. The only difference is slight variation in the description text. The actual workout [to my eye] is exactly the same down to the watt.

Diamond valley road race +2 outdoor workout title is not title capitalised.

Montara outdoor workout has the 3:13 rest at the start of each interval rather than at the end.

Aodann and Eisen outdoor workouts don’t have press lap to proceed after each rest interval.

Mont Gosford -1

Workout description:

Done at the proper intensity, rides like this will have no negative impact on subsequent workouts. So if you recognize that this intensity is still a little too high, drop the Workout Intensity another

That does not sound like a complete sentence to me :slight_smile:

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Red Lake +6 outdoor workout has the 5 min rest at the start of each interval rather than at the end. Not sure if this issue is across all the alternates.

Spur outdoor workout does not push to Garmin correctly. Both calendar scheduled workout and “Push to Garmin” button does not sync workout to Garmin Connect or device.