Regarding guided workouts

When using the guided workouts it could be nice if the text was switched a little slower or it didn’t disepeard when a new text is showing (maybe it could be shown over the new text).

Another suggestion is that it could be good if it could be spoken :slight_smile: and maybe also make some peptalks on the way, based on how well the rider performance :slight_smile:
Thanks very much for some brilliant software


I like your idea there of varied feedback based on performance. Got to be something in that

Ill second the spoken text. I can picture Chad cringing as he hears people want him to read and record all those instructions, but it REALLY would be helpful. Even with the sound that signals the text is back on, over the noise of my trainer, my fan, my music, and my labored breathing, I miss a lot of instruction.


As a new user, I find that I have missed a number of the on-screen cues because I keep my screen off to the side and watch TV instead of being fixated on the TR screen. Even a (different) beep to alert that a new instruction is onscreen. Optional settings for all of this would be good.

Edit - noticed today that a new instruction actually does beep. Somehow I still manage to miss them


I’ve often thought this would provide a better “virtual coach” experience as well, instead of generic text regardless of performance. Sometimes a kick up the arse is needed if power is falling below target :slight_smile:

It might also be nice to be scrollable. Sometimes I’ll look down and see a message like “that’s really the most important part” and I’ve missed it lol. I really find Coach Chad’s text super helpful. Recently on a pretty tough event ride I found myself chanting “Lose the tension, hands, elbows, face”. I’d like to be able to read though that guided text a little easier and go back to it for reference.

I suggested that they make the prior text into a string, like a chat window. You could see several lines at least and then scroll as needed to older text.

Been a few years, so I may re-suggest it.


I’ve suggested this one too - even created 2 support requests and brought it up on the FB Beta group.
It only takes a second of looking away to miss important text. Would love to see a text messaging style interface for this. Even if I could move the mouse over the workout at the right time and see the text pop up.

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Maybe TR could hire James Earl Jones or Samuel L. Jackson to read Chad’s instructions. Could be more motivating if Darth Vader was commanding you to pedal smoother (although I’m sure Chad can be just as evil!).


Bear in mind those who wear glasses for reading but do not need them on the trainer. Too small a font would not be an improvement on the current situation

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Anything in the works regarding this subject? On screen work out guidance as it is today seems pretty much useless.

  • There is some apparent interest in that direction based on a recent comment from Nate: