Help fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

On a previous podcast episode @chad mentioned how he hated seeing typos when doing his own workouts. That’d annoy me as well! :weary:

Maybe if we notice one, we can post the details here and help get them fixed!

I’ll start…

Baird – At about 12 minutes, the word was “tought”. I think it should have read “tough”.


I hate seeing typos as well. I contact TR support via their online contact form and report them.

What I do is open up the workout editor and find the typo. I take a screengrab and send this through to support. This makes it a lot easier for them as they can see the typo plus see the time it appears on screen. This makes it a lot easier to fix. Attached is what I mean.


I usually send them to the TrainerRoad Twitter account. They are accepted and thanks is given.


I am impressed. I can’t recall a typo 5 minutes after I see one. MIGHT recall that I saw one, but that would be it.

Guess you don’t zone out when pedaling. Or perhaps I zone out too much.


On this subject there are very few which is great as I am a grammar nazi!

I may have seen a there/their error once but that’s about it. Also maybe a fate/fete and that’s all.

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Found one today in Taylor-2. In the first set of 14 intervals the text says something like “keep going only 3 left” but at that point there are actually 5 or 6 left. Later on in the same set the text re-appears correctly saying there are only 3 intervals left.


Who knew there is a workout editor. Great tip, there are so many times I am momentarily not paying attention and wish i could go back and see what was just put on the screen.

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I’m pretty sure that any mention of “Optional Drills” is a typo. Just delete them all. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Spencer +2, with 4 intervals to go the text said 3 to go. Now I was pretty knackered, but I did spend a good 30 seconds counting to 4 at 120%. Funny what parts of your brain are deprioritized when you are trying not to die.


Did the Mount Field workout today. The workout is labeled as “Tempo” but the text description talks about Sweet Spot work. In the analysis, the interval labels/titles on the 3 intervals are labeled as Sweet Spot 1, 2, and 3, but the power zones are all in the Tempo zone, not the Sweet Spot zone.


Did Virginia today. At minute 39 we start a 5 minute endurance spin which goes on for 6 minutes…or maybe this is Coach Chad being devious :smile:


@Bikr, thanks so much for starting this thread! :smiley: This is suuuuuper helpful to us.

We’re always quick to fix typos when they’re sent into Support, or we find them, but this is a great way for us to take care of many very quickly.

I’m going to have someone from my team drill in and correct each typo that’s been brought up here, and I’ll make sure we stay on top of new posts that trickle in over time.

Many, many thanks to everyone that’s posted! You’re all helping make TR better. :clap: :blush:


I don’t actually mind the typos that much BUT “a couple minutes” is my pet hate, if you want to shorten “a couple OF minutes” then just write “two minutes”, “a couple minutes” just sounds all kinds of wrong to me.


Carpathian +2 has a reference to there being only 30 seconds in the rest period left, but it occurs when there’s something like 120 seconds left.

Somewhat related: Martin Hill description on iOS shows “…than you?re likely to see…” So display encoding is different from the encoding for the text?

Not a text typo per se, but the interval times in all of the Keeler Needles are wrong (at least as I see things).

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I reported this too via support email, but they claimed that they reviewed it and believe the setup is intentional.

I’ve since done versions of the Needle 2-3 times and each time that interval counter timing drive me nuts.

This is not in-ride, but the workout description of Givens -3 says 115% but the workout is actually 118%.

“Givens -3 is two sets of 3x2.5-minute VO2max repeats at 115% FTP.”

During Virginia it looks like the word “interval” or something like that is missed.

“How about a couple of Form Sprints during this next ?”

Pretty sure there is something wrong in Homers Nose, at some point it says to up the cadence and work harder when it’s actually a drop in power