Help finding workouts

I am looking for TR workouts that do descending intervals lengths and also pyramid interval lengths. For some reason I find these really mentally doable. In particular, I’m looking at threshold and tempo type workouts. So a tempo workout that has intervals of 20-15-12 or maybe a threshold workout that does 6-7-8-7-6. Any suggestions?

Knowing your desired duration(s) can help. There are not that many I can find with that variable interval length, but here are some to start:

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You’re a stud! The Centennials are exactly the kind of workout I’m looking for for those threshold workouts. Now trying to find some descending tempo. The duration I’m looking at are anywhere around 1:00-1:!5.

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I looked for Tempo, but there weren’t any like those above.

One option is to use those above, and manually drop the Workout Intensity to put you into whatever power target is right for your Tempo. If my quick math is right, that means a WI of around 80-95%, depending on the source workout power target.

you can create your own

For sure. I can create my own or use some of the custom ones created from plans I already have from TP but I was wondering what baked in TR workouts were in there. I’ve combed through a few times but it’s a vast library. Why re-invent the wheel right?

I also tend to like to see what plans use these kinds of workouts to get info on progressions etc. Centennial isn’t used in any so kinda nothing going there.

Something like Mont Albert or Mont Gosford (and their variants) might work for the tempo workouts. Not exactly what you’re looking for but have intervals of differing length and intensity. I find them easier on the brain :grin:.

Hey those are great! I was kinda hoping for something that was descending but these might do the trick. Don’t know until I try. I do like the varying intensities as well.