What are the Huron todo?** TR outdoor workouts intervals on a slight incline

2d Year with TR and I’m loving the outdoor workouts. My question is on interval workouts VO2 and threshold and even sweepot. If they are executed on a slight incline anywhere from 3 to 8% what am I losing or changing within the workout? I understand that workouts are designed to train certain systems. If I am on a hill or incline and maintain the same pwr targets with a slower cadence am I still getting the intended benefit of the workout? Issue is I want to follow the TR protocol but I have misplaced my power cord for my smart trainer(it is a long story) but since the weather is good and the advent of TR outdoor workouts I have continued to train. The area i live in is the 2d most mountains province in the country nothing really flat and loaded with cat 2, 3, 4 climbs and two cat 1 climbs. So I will always have to go up to go down :smile:
**a quote take from the movie “Last of the Mohicans”

  • Generally speaking, if you are hitting your power targets, you are getting the desired stress.
  • A bit like above, but there may be a question about why you are dropping cadence. It may be fine, especially if the workout, hill and associated cadence are in line with your target goal events and/or fitness.
  • If you are dropping cadence greatly from what is your “goal” cadence, you may be training in a less optimal way.
  • I would review the hills you are riding, the gearing and cadence you use on them, and see if you can adjust better to hit a cadence range that is more in your preference (if you aren’t already doing so).
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Thanks! I will try it and look for those hills that I can maintain the high cadence. Thanks again for the quick response.

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