Matching MTB rides to TR workouts?

I’m struggling with how to match MTB rides to TR workouts. These typically involve a lot of short punchy climbs. I live in MI, so its like 10-20 mi single track with 4-10% climbs, usually these aren’t longer than 30sec but lots of them. So like 2000ish ft in 17 miles. Anyway, my FTP isn’t high enough to be able to stay in Z2 during these climbs, so its typically tempo or light threshold, or V02 max on a steeper one. But it doesn’t really qualify for any threshold or V02 workout cuz I’m bouncing around zones so much. It’s not intervals, its not Z2, it’s not really tempo. How do I mix these into a polarized and/or pyramidal plan? What type of TR workout would you match this to for progression levels?

None. Don’t worry about your progression levels from these rides, just delete the TR workout for that day if you’re replacing it with a hard MTB workout. When you complete a real TR ride you’ll get a levels bump there and your next TR ride will be harder.


Agree with jwellford about it not mattering a whole heap, unless you’re doing structured intervals, which is very difficult on single track.

Without knowing how long it takes you or what you ride other that the 20-30mile. I’d say something like Black. Or I’ve used Vogelsang etc in the past.

You don’t need it too match perfectly. To be honest, I’d just find an endurance or tempo workout with roughly the right TSS/IF.

If you’re looking to match it to VO2 I think it’s pretty difficult. It’ll be easier to account for some of those short efforts when WL V2 comes.