Help finding a workout

I may be being a bit stupid here, but I can’t find a workout that’s 3x10min at ftp.

I’ve probably scrolled straight past it several times but to save myself going through the library again, does anyone know the name of a workout like this?

Kaweah -2 is 3x10 at 95%. I think that’s the closest. Did you try the search function and filter it?

Maybe Nightcap -2? It’s 3x10 @ 102%

Mount baldy-2, langille
You can search “3x10” and select threshold in the filter section. You should then get a bunch of them to choose from.

I can’t find one either!! :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face:

3x9, 4x10, 3x12, 3x15 ‘at FTP’ but no 3x10.

3x10 at just sub-threshold and 3x10 at just over threshold…but no 3x10 at FTP. Hmmph.

Why does it have to be at 100% when you’re training an energy “system” 95-105% is threshold which I’m sure many of you know.
If not and you’re adamant about 100% ftp pick a 3x10 workout. Then set the intensity to perfect 100% ftp. Also I assume only an indoor ERG user would ask this kind of question.