Potential Gap in Threshold Workout Catalogue

Is it just me, or is there a small gap in the threshold workout catalogue around the 7.0 Level?

Specifically the sort of 5x10min ones. There’s a few variations of 10min interval workouts at FTP with progressively smaller recoveries, and then there’s a jump to 10min at 105%.

If I look at other Threshold workouts in that zone they seem to jump to 16min intervals at FTP or slightly above.

Just wondering if there is, or should be some 5x10min at say 102% as a progression.

Just thinking out loud and throwing it out there to see if I’ve missed something or if anyone else has a similar observation.

The increase from 10 to 16 minutes at threshold looks more intimidating than it really is. If you can hold 10 minutes at threshold, it is not that much of a move up to 16 minutes. While going from 5 to 10 minutes at FTP probably needs an intermediate step at 8 minutes, this is less so with 10 to 16.

Take a look at some of the 6.5+ workouts in the threshold zone. Blackhawk and Eagle (and variants) offer some slightly over threshold 10 minute intervals. 6.5 is not really that much different from 7.0.

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True.Most “basic” progression is 10->15->20 in terms of interval length. For example: 5x10->3x15->4x15->2x20->3x20. Really if you have problem with 15min intervals at or little below FTP something needs serious work or your FTP is too high. Even if it is your first year of training this should not be a problem. The other case is going over FTP, like 102-105%.

Then there is a question why you would do it as the adaptations are the same, there is additional cost to do them and no additional gains.


Riding at FTP isn’t the problem so far. Riding at 105% seemed quite difficult with short rest.

I just looked at “Nelson” and it’s 104% for 11min with 1min rest. Looks easier than 105%, but it’s that short rest I think that’s the issue. I either need to be at slightly lower intensity, or have slightly longer rest between intervals.

I guess what I’m saying is I think there wasn’t a progression of say 5x10 at 102-103% with 1-2min, or 105% with 3-4min. It seemed like they were either all very short recovery at 105, or less and more rest. Or the 16min jobbers.

It’s not really a major, I am just feeling a bit guilty for having not done a harder workout today, but the next one’s on the cards look pretty intimidating.

But why you would want to ride over FTP for long time? Go lower and ride way longer or go short but very hard.
Only thing you get from riding just above FTP is the tiredness. One of the Cusick’s suprathreshold workouts is 3x(3x6min@105%). 1 min between intervals and 5 min between sets. It is hard enough and you can go really hard.

If it is race specific then ok but if it’s because progression levels then, my biased personal opinion is, that progression levels in threshold workouts are horrible, as the workouts constantly are just over threshold or are not doable with properly set FTP.

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Point taken :+1:. Thanks.