Heat Training Risks, Cramping, Losing Fitness and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 217

Talking about gut distress, try avoiding maltodextrin, seems to cause issues in people I know who are gluten intolerant, myself included!! You may be intolerant to it and not realise :slight_smile:

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How do you get your links to format in this way?

I’m a bit confused about the effects of sauna
Do frequent saunas increase sweat response (outside the sauna), so we are more efficient at cooling?
Or increase our ability to regulate our temperature somehow so we sweat less (outside the sauna)?
If someone sweated excessively in daily life, would regular saunas reduce /increase this?

Here is a deeper dive into what happens with a sauna session and what it does (more plasma volume primarily).


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Regarding the 30/15 workouts referenced in the podcast, they didn’t give the names of them, anyone know what they are?

For cleaning out grazes/road-rash I keep these in the medical kit:

They’re sponge mixed with a nail-brush, being sterile and individually packaged gives me a little more confidence then other scrub options.


First off, I grew up with the Duke Boys, so I love your username. Secondly, we’re having a return guest on the podcast soon, and I’ll have your question locked & loaded.

Finally, my two cents, it’s a process for all of us, myself included. I recently went through my fair share of wingeing and whining as I tried to get reacquainted with being comfortable in the saddle following my longest training hiatus in about 20 years.

Start short, even 15 minute sessions of easy riding, and gradually progress the duration until you feel ready for 30- or 45-minute interval sessions. Before that, head to a bike shop that is equipped to pair her/them with a saddle that fits their shape (i.e., your sit-bones/ischial tuberosities), and ideally, lets them try the saddle with an exchange guarantee. Then it’s just a matter of fit, and you don’t have to overthink that beyond feeling balanced weight distribution between hips, hands, and feet–you can get it fully dialed over time–with emphasis on feeling balanced in the saddle.


Adding to the saddle comfort discussion, improved saddle comfort is the #1 result from those that have added a rocker plate to their inside setup. The simple addition of lateral freedom allows for more shifts between the support structure of our bodies. It also leads to lower pressure overall on our support structure and tissue, as shown in my pressure mapping test last year.

There is nothing “natural” about locking our bikes in a vertical plane and I feel it leads to a significant number of people disliking inside training (as hinted at above).

You can see my thread for more details and questions. Here is the video on saddle pressure mapping without rockers and with rockers of different leveling spring force.

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I read the linked deeper dive into sauna sessions, but would be interested in knowing more about the adaptations, advantages/disadvantages of training in the heat (as opposed to heat training). I live in the desert where our summer temps are consistently over 100 degrees, overnight lows in the 80s & 90s. I ride outdoors year round, I notice such a difference in recovery from summer rides. For example doing the same weekend 3-4 hour group ride in February Vs August, same efforts on the ride but I’m pretty useless all day after those summer rides. I trained for endurance events such as Crusher and Leadville though the summer this year, sometimes getting done with rides when temps were well over 100, I did notice that I got “used to” long rides in the heat but was curious if the positive benefits of training in the heat (ex plasma volume) are negated by the fatigue and/or lower quality of those rides?

Regarding cramping calves, this has always been an issue for me, I do wonder if seat height is part of the issue as lowering it would cause other muscles to be used more, altho’ perhaps you would just cause those to cramp…

Thanks so much Chad. I’ll have a chat with my wife tonight and get a more detailed description of her discomfort. It’s definately a girls only sort of discomfort so maybe via PM.
Looking forward to the mystery guest!

Ah, the Dukes of Hazzard! I was born in 79 so I grew up watching them. Several old friends used to do the whole ‘Rosco.P.Coltrane’ shtick. It stuck.
I’m going to go slide across my car bonnet and use the window to get in now! Maybe jump a creek on half an old broken bridge. :+1::+1:

I 100% agree with your take on this. A rigid bike feels horrible for me.
Even the addition of some 40mm foam blocks was enough to make my Kickr Core quite dynamic. The Tacx Neo doesn’t really need anything added when on carpet with underlay.

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What works personally for me is shifting the cleats as far back as it would go and also lowering my saddle height. My bike fitter told me that I was stretching to reach the bottom of the stroke, causing extra tension on the calves.


Regarding road rash, I was under the impression that using duoderm first while the wound seeps is preferred. Once it’s done seeping slap on tegaderm. My last crash I used only tegaderm but it didn’t have any absorption as described in the podcast. The fluid just sat in behind until I changed it. Am I going about this wrongly?

As you become Heat Adapted, you sweat sooner (lower temperature) and/or more profusely. I also found that I was colder at lower temperatures, needing to put on long sleeves for indoor AC where others did not.

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Regarding the saddle issues, I’ve found that girls often prefer the saddle ‘nose down’, and some men prefer it ‘nose up’. Just changing the saddle tilt might help.

However, I do wonder if having someone sit on the trainer as their introduction to cycling is the way to go. I’d always go on an outdoors ride first? Saddle discomfort is usually less outdoors too.

What hibiclens product do you use?


I was wondering the same thing. I see that the stuff at the link below says not to use on genitals, but on the podcast they say they use it to help prevent saddle sores.

I have a rocker plate at home, but it’s noticeable the movement my minoura hybrid rollers allow. I assume the like of the omnium are similar, so they may be an option as well. I still miss erg every time I use them though!

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