Peak Power Discrepancy

I use a Wahoo Element Bolt and a Quarq Dzero PM. The Wahoo simultaneous downloads data to Strava and Training Peaks which is then synced to WKO+. For todays ride the Wahoo and Training Peaks show 1318 for a peak power while Strava and WKO+ show 1284.

I don’t really care about Strava but, the WKO+ (synced to TP) is puzzling. Just wondering why the difference? Algorithm issue? Thanks for any insight.

Trade ya, I could use another 100+ W peak :joy:

p.s. WKO4 will look at peak power for a full spin of the pedals IIRC

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I am having the same problem, Quarq Dzero XX1 and Bolt. Bolt’s max power is almost always higher than Strava. I assumed that Strava sees that as a power spike and ignores it through their software. Which is annoying since TR is linked to Strava and pulls the data from there for outside workouts.

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Don’t the fit files generated by the Bolt usually have one-second resolution?


I’d file a ticket with TP and ask the question.