Garmin Fenix 5 plus K-Edge Bike Mount

I plan on using my Garmin Fenix 5 plus as a bike computer this summer and have been looking for bike mounts. The gamin “watch” bike mount looks like it is meant to be off to the side. I was wondering if the K-Edge bike mounts (link below) are compatible with the watch or if there are any “hacks” I can do to make it fit. I’d also be happy to hear what other TR members are doing when using their watches as a bike computer.

K Edge Garmin Mount

No, unfortunately not. While there is a 1/4 turn mount fitting for the 935, this does not fit the Fenix series. :rage:

I don’t think the Fenix 5 watches are really intended to be mounted on a K-edge, since they have the HRM on the underside. I haven’t seen any adapters for those out-front mounts since using my old 910xt (which is a triathlon watch meant to be moved from wrist to out front).

I found this while googling. Unfortunately (at least for me) it’s in the UK. Has anyone seen something like this in Canada or the US? The black adapter clicks into a normal garmin mount and allows you to use the watch face as a bike computer.


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Would you mind sharing the link? In the UK and, whilst I mainly use my EDGE 830, it would be handy to have the option of using my Fenix 5

Here’s the link
Garmin Fenix Mount

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Does anyone happen to have a 3D printer? I found an STL file to print the attachment. I looked into 3d printing services in Canada but I would need to print 20 of them to achieve the minimum spend required.

Here’s the link

Garmin Mount 3D Printer File

Your local library may have a 3D printer, mine does.

Wasn’t able to find one specifically for the Fenix 5, but Garmin now offers a quarter-turn adapter for the Fenix 6:

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I ended using a 3d printing service and printed up 5 of them. Haven’t ridden it yet but they are nice and sturdy. I’m impressed and excited to test it out! At worst ill have a nice cadence monitor for my indoor rides.