Haute Route Asheville 2019

Hi all I’m doing the Haute Route Asheville this year. It’s a 3 stages event.

Day 1 - 103 Miles 10,908 feet of climbing
Day 2 - 98 Miles 8948 feet of climbing
Day 3 - TT with 1200 feet of climbing

I’m about to finished the sweetspot 2 mid.

And thinking following the mid Sustained Power build next.

Is this the best choice?

Thank you!

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Following! I’m also doing Haute Route Asheville. I’ll finish SSBMV2 today when I get around to Boarstone. I’m starting Sustained Power on Tuesday and plan to do the Century Specialty after. Open to change if there’s any other advice.

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I did it last year and am quite possibly going back again. I did rolling road race as my prep, after “General Build”

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Remember the format of US Haute Route is that only small sections are timed; the rest is fully neutralized.

This is exactly what we would recommend :slight_smile:

SSB I and II
Sustained Power Build
Century Specialty



Hi Bryce thanks for the confirmation above!

My Haute Route ambassador emailed my today that I can share her discount code for this. It’s 10% off the registration. PM if anyone wants it.

It’s this weekend! Who else is coming? Still coming @tkbmtl? @Jack_Russell_Racing?

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Hi! How did you find your Haute Asheville experience? I’m trying to decide if I will be strong enough in 2020 to do this ride. Did you feel prepared with the training plans Bryce recommended?

I thought it was great and am hoping to do it again for 2020, and maybe Boulder as well.

I did exactly as @Bryce recommended, mid-volume:

SSB I and II
Sustained Power Build
Century Specialty

I only did a few outside rides when I got to the century plan, none were more than 45 miles, and I didn’t do a single long climb. But thanks to TR I was plenty prepared to do the event. I’m planning to do the same training again this winter. I’m sure you’d be fine with Gen Build and/or Climbing Road Race Specialty too, but you only need sustained power as the climbs are long.

Note, it isn’t your typical fondo crowd that shows up at these events. 4 w/kg will put you mid-pack. @Jack_Russell_Racing had told me that before going, and i can confirm.

Super fun, highly recommended! Happy to answer any other questions.


I’m a 3.3W/kg female so given your 4W/kg metric to be mid-pack, perhaps this is too much for me at this time. I don’t expect to podium, but I’d like to finish in the top 2/3 for my AG… most importantly I just want to have a good time and not be last.

Doesn’t sound like it’d be too much for you. I was at about 3.7 w/kg and rode conservatively with the goals to finish and have fun. There were plenty of people to ride with and I wasn’t last :slight_smile: At 3.3, I’m sure you’d be fine right now and you still have more than enough time for a full base/build/specialty training schedule!

@jgthomas59 how long were the climbs typically? Really wanting to do this ride in 2020 but unsure of my climbing ability for super long climbs.

Pretty long. The Blue Ridge parkway on day 1 seemed to go on for a couple hundred miles. But perhaps it was more like 20, and wasn’t too steep. i did 95% of my training on TR (i don’t live near any sustained climbs) and I was fine. I’m sure you would be too.

Unfortunately, Haute Route Asheville and Boulder got cancelled for 2020. Both my A events gone. Crap.

I did Haute Route Alpe d’Huez in 2018 and Haute Route Asheville in 2019. I have already registered for Haute Route Pyrenees in 2020. Fantastic events. I was really looking forward to Asheville 2020. Very disappointed it won’t happen this year.

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Dang thanks @jgthomas59 for the heads up on the cancelation, i hadn’t heard that it has been canceled. I was making Asheville my early summer goal. Well dang!! Do you know why they canceled so many events lately?

Also a Haute Route Asheville alum here.

I’m planning to do 2 days in Asheville this May (same weekend as HR was originally scheduled), riding the same as the 2018 route. It would be cool to have a mini TrainerRoad meetup for one, or both, rides!

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I live near and ride portions of the Haute Asheville courses regularly. My A event is in conflict with that weekend but it would be fun to put together a TR ride in the future if that works out. :+1:

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Asheville Gran Fondo, only a single day but similar format:


Also had not heard it was cancelled. They were advertising it on their Instagram just a few weeks ago.

I’ve heard various problems with the US events, but the theme seems to be that it’s not profitable. Boo. I’m still working it out with friends, but HR Mexico 2020 is now a possibility. And maybe HR Dolomites 2021.

I’ve thought about Gran Fondo Asheville or Boone, or some other events around the area. Anyone done Hincapie Chattanooga?

@Jack_Russell_Racing I like that plan to do Asheville in May. Depending on what I do to replace HR Asheville/Boulder, that might work out for me!