Happiness and Performance, Limiters, Cellular Adaptation & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 200

Our 200th episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast will feature discussions on happiness and performance, how to understand and overcome your performance limiters, how training changes your body at a cellular level, and much more! Join us live on Facebook and YouTube at 8:00am Pacific on Thursday, March 28.

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It better not be!


Happiness and Performance - interesting to see if you’ll discuss this both ways. I don’t mind holding my hands up to being in an unhealthy cycle. My self worth is hugely built on my performance, and my performance fluctuates with my self worth. Unhealthy, unhappy (to an extent - don’t let’s be overdramatic) but how it is. I’ve found The Brave Athlete by Marshall & Patterson hugely helpful. I’ll be keen to listen to this topic receive the usual TR thorough treatment.


I thought there would be sparkling wine for the 200th podcast, not Perrier.

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Are Finnish cyclists outperforming their US competitors? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Happiness = N+1


This could be one of those things where it’s interesting to know but won’t change my habits. No way I’m giving up my sparkling water. :slight_smile:

I started drinking it to cut down on Coke… So in that way it’s been healthier for me anwyay.


Happiness = D-1


Races here always start crazy late-- but you end up not wanting to wander far down the road doing a warm-up, for when it does finally, quickly, get together.

I like the idea of doing the ramp test (but on the road and just to FTP) as a warm up, but if you lose the benefits after a while is it better to:

  • Do a proper warm up and then top it up every X mins with a mini one, or:
  • Forget the proper warm up altogether and just do those mini’s every X mins to get you to an overall better place come the (inevitably punchy) race start?

And importantly, does a mini count, and what would it look like? :slight_smile:

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Some great topics!

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I hope in the “How to overcome fitness blocks” they mention how to know when to back down and when to ramp up. This knowledge might be intuitive to some but its a mystery to me and a huge blocker for my fitness.


Can Chad wear the XXX helmet for the entire podcast?

@Ian Is youtube broken again?

Can anyone else not hear anything?

It seems like it :frowning:

You all can view the live stream on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/TrainerRd/

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@chad, @Jonathan, @Nate_Pearson and Pete: Speaking of Spanish Needle… describe how you guys ride it. Do you change gears during the rest intervals and then gear back up on the sprint interval? or do you back pedal on the rests?

Thanks, you guy are great.

@Ian Mic is sync with whatever camera angle… On the front view the audio fully cuts off.
You guys need a dedicated mic channel for all mic and angle instead of switching from each angle.

PS The gains is still too high.

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At this point I’m just waiting for the edited upload.


Hey all!

First of all, sorry for the technical issues today.

I am currently editing everything as quickly as I can and I will have it uploaded here soon for you all to listen and watch without issues. As I said last week, we are still working through kinks with the new setup and we will have it dialed in ASAP.


SoundCloud audio is uploaded: https://soundcloud.com/trainerroad/happiness-and-performance-limiters-cellular-adaptation-more-ask-a-cycling-coach-200

The video will be up soon!


listening now, and re: beet juice, i’ve tried the shots, I just can’t get into them. I may try it and mix with a lot of apple juice and see if that helps. if I understand correctly, beetroot powder capsules aren’t as effective, but wonder if they’d be a reasonable tradeoff if someone really can’t stomach drinking the beet juice