Hang bike wheel from command hook?

We have plaster walls and dealing with wall anchors is a pain. Has any one hung their spare bike wheels from a command hook? Any suggestions? I’m thinking a strong command hook with a loop of cord joining the wheel. I think I need the cord because I fear that the sweep of the hook on the command hook is not enough to accommodate the hubs.

Not sure if Command hooks will be strong enough but I do use rope and a carabiner to hang my wheels. It’s in a storage closet and the walls are insulated, so I drove nails into the wood beams near the ceiling and hung the tires. Not classy but effective.

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J hooks that screw into a stud are how i hang spare wheels, and bikes for that matter. Just make sure you’re going into a wood stud and make sure that the J hook you get is rubberized and the right size for the depth of your wheel

Yeah, big screws like that don’t work well on plaster. I’m going to try the command jumbo hook, rated for 7.5 lbs.

No way I’d use a command hook for something valuable. Anchors may be a pain, but they’re the right answer for something like this.

Not to be an anarchist, but we want to see before, and after pics! Hopefully still hanging in a week, month, 2 months…or find a stud. Could always evaluate a toggle bolt anchor.

Yeah I’m going to try it. We’ll see how it goes.

Wheel bags (double) are about £10, bit bulkier but usually keeps them out of harms way.