Hanging from the pedal

I am looking at some storage solutions to free up some floor space and it seems a no brainer to hang the bike using the pedal on the wall in the garage. With most of my bikes this is no iussue to me but I have one bike with Powertap P1 pedals. Does anyone forsee any issues with the bike being hung like this? Most of the weight will get taken by the wheel supports so the stress shouldnt be huge but I’m just concerned about a constant load on a strain gauge.

The power meter pedals are precision devices so I would not but any constant weight on those.
I used to work on precision scales and even an envelope on the scale for a week would throw them of.

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Yeah, just hang it from the front wheel. I have a bunch of these in my back room and they work great:


The only thing to be careful with using this type of hanger is if you have hydraulic components.

As mentioned on one of the podcasts, these types of components are designed with the bike upright and stored out of position can result in any air in the system not being ‘routed’ to the correct place. It’s unlikely this will cause failures but something to be aware of!

I’m beginning to think I want a hoist that has two attachment points on the top tube (or on the seat and the handlebars). This will be hard to set up, though. I’ve been hanging my bikes by the front wheel, but then Jonathan mentioned that that might cause problems for the hydraulics. Additionally, FLO Cycling recommends against hanging bikes by their carbon wheels.

This and many other similar variations can be handy.

I have several of these in my basement and they are quite handy.

I use an even simpler version (just a hook that holds the rear wheel, so the bike lies flat on the wall). Only issue I’ve had is that any moisture left in the frame then drips to the headset, and that gave me some bearing corrosion after a while. Now knowing of the potential issue, I do a quick headset bearings overhaul during my maintenance jobs, and I managed to save the headset. Most BB installs include a plastic shield that prevents this from happening in the BB when storing the bike right side up.

The only issue this can pose is scratching of the wheel on the hanger; in terms of load, you have 1x the bike weight in tension, which is 2x the load of a bike stored upright on its wheels, and approx 10% of the average load when riding the bike… No way this can be harmful.

If you take off the front wheel and one pedal, you can make your bike pretty compact up against the wall.

The aluminum rimmed Flo wheels have a non-structural faring bonded to a regular box section rim. Hanging a bike by those wheels is definitely not a good idea. You could hang a bike by the wheel if you had their carbon clincher wheels though. Rule of thumb: If you can’t see the spoke nipple, the faring is non-structural.

Good point.