Please help me find a name of a bike hanging “thingy”

On my last triathlon race i saw some of tri bikes have a piece of plastic at the nose of the saddle, just underneath, which help to hang the bike more securely on the rack in the transition zone, preventing the bike from slipping out. Would like to buy such for my road bike to not to freak out on the race day that my precious carbon machine will fall down.

Trying to find it online to buy but heck, don’t know how it’s called. Anyone does or have a link to a shop where i can buy one? TIA!

I can’t help you but I can relate to the not being able to google a mental image of something. I’m like “it’s this thing…you know, for hanging bikes”.

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Thanks, i already tried googling like dozen of different descriptions of it, nothing works :slight_smile:

Change your post title to include “bike hanging”. Might get more eyes.

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Here are some I found via “triathlon saddle transition hook”:

Most of the others I have seen are integral to or molded into the given triathlon specific saddle, and not swappable to other saddles.


Thank you! Im so close with the x-hook, just they dont sell outside US :frowning:

i just use a velcro strap from seat post to cross bar. takes about 4 secs to strip it off, esp if you remember to leave a little section at the end unhooked