Hammerhead Karoo and TR

So I have this beautiful paperweight that has been sitting on my shelf since it made a nuisance of itself during the summer tour… I am thinking:
“Hey this is basically an android phone and they have just over hauled the ANT+ stack to bring it into line with the rest of the world. If I can get TR running on this then I can ditch the PC and setting it up and leave the pain cave in ready to rock mode. One less drag on getting on with it”

So I bypass all the hammerhead stuff and manage eventually to sideload TR on to the thing. Lo and behold it fires up logs in and hooks up to my set up over ANT+; a Tacx Neo and a Wahoo Tickr. I have to leave trying it out for another day. That day was this morning… Huff#$ker! Some way to start eh?

When it started, the app started controlling the power on the Neo. All good so far I thought. The in-ride instructions were being truncated on the Karoo and suffered random font size shifts. So completely useless. I then noticed that the time was ticking over in random intervals. Updating about every 3 or 4 seconds. As I paid more attention I could see that the power control was equally laggy. Then after 12 or 13 minutes into the ride it dropped out altogether and when I restarted the power had gone. Then just after that it froze and I had to begin the ride again back on my PC.

While sticking to the PC for now, I am interested in seeing if I can get TR running adequately on the Karoo. So any hints or tips for getting it going alright would be appreciated. There are a few other unfortunate souls out there also interested in this.

I was thinking BT would be my next port of call but I am not sure yet how to get that service started on the Karoo, unlike the ANT+ it isn’t native.

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