What's the most stable platform to run TR on?

I am currently using a dedicated Core i7 laptop to run TR using both a BlueGiga BT adapter and a generic Amazon ANT+ adapter on an extension to put it within inches of my trainer. I am getting tired of random disconnects, mostly BT but it happens to ANT as well, usually an inopportune moment that leaves me scrambling to reset the adapter or pair to the other interface, happens with both the trainer and my BT HRM. I’ve taken to resetting the adapters and toggling BT every session. Strangely enough, the cheap-ass Sun Ding S/C sensor seems to be the most stable

Is an iPad more stable? Android tablet?

I have good luck with PC & ANT+, but I also use my old Galaxy S6 on ANT+ or BLE (depending on the trainer) and have solid results with them too. I have an Apple iPad, but have not tested with it yet.


I’ve tried various combos of which devices run on which interface but haven’t found the magic one yet. The current S/C and HRM are BT only and usually I connect the trainer via ANT. I have a BT + ANT HRM on the way so we’ll see. I am not against an iPad or Android Tablet if they are more stable.

iPad and iPhone have worked flawlessly for me. I mainly use PC with Ant+, and it’s almost as good. I do get occasional dropouts, but that’s as bad as it gets: nothing that would make me want to switch away.

Always check for updates to get all the latest Windows fixes.


I’ve tested it on about 12 different Android devices, Windows, iPhone, and iPad. Of those, it’s by far been the most stable and reliable on the iOS devices. The Galaxy S9 was also pretty good since it has BLE and Ant+ baked in, but I think the iOS devices still best that.


Android phone far and away for me.

I have only used an iPhone and BT. Never had a problem.


I never have issues with iOS and BT.


Win10 and ANT+. My kit is 100% ANT+/BLE bilingual (Tacx Flux S, Wahoo Tickr, Wagon Cadence), my BLE dongle is on a USB extension pretty close to the trainer, the ANT+ at least 4m away, but no dropout issues. The app is solid, the connections are solid. I would have used BLE if TR did not require a funky dongle.

iPad or iPhone


8 inch Android tablet and BT, works flawlessly for me.
Not a single crash or dropout since I started in October.
Haven’t tried with Ant+ though.

Which Android tablet? I can’t decipher Samsung’s models. What devices do you run simultaneously?

iOS with BT as well. I even use an old iPhone 5c that works well.

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Huawei MediaPad M5.
I am extremely happy with it, but I should mention that it uses a Huawei CPU that does not include Ant+ support (as opposed to many recent Qualcomm CPUs). Check the web before buying if Ant+ is important to you.

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Kickr, Stages PM, and Tickr are all dual ANT+ and BT. Have used TR w/PowerMatch on iPhone and MacBook, with both BT (native) and with ANT+ adapters. Only Bluetooth has been flawless.

No problems with IPAD/Iphone and BT

I’m having the same issue’s. I’ve worked with TR Support (which was great) but unfortunately, we couldn’t resolve. Bluetooth is a tough troubleshoot.

I’m using a Kinetic Smart Control (current firmware) with my PC. I have the BlueGiga on a dedicated USB extension chord sitting right under my trainer. I’ve eliminated all bluetooth traffic in the room. It’s as clean as I can get it.

I have 2 issue’s:

The interval will end but the ERG mode will not release so my target may be 85 but the watts are still 200. In this scenario I have to let the ride pause and then it reconnects.

The second is that the connection drops completely and nothing gets it back, ride is cooked.

I believe Bluetooth and ANT+ use the same frequency so I’m confused why only BT drops and never ANT+.

I get these hiccups 1-2 times a week. I get tiny connection drops almost every ride. (ride pauses for a split second)

I’m at a lost as to where the connection drop is happening.

I’ve used both my ipad and iphone - both are great over BT. Only downside for ANT+ is is requires a 30 pin to lighting adapter and a ANT+ dongle in the lighting port.

I use my PC for the calendar

I’m not convinced that BT issues are over the air interference issues. When the devices are less than 2 feet apart, the other interference sources would have to be pretty strong to break an established connection. I think it’s more a Windows bluegiga reliability issue. Native BT devices seem to have no issues on Mac OS, IOS and Android. Unfortunately my work HP laptop has native BT but doesn’t work with TR

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Not a Windows user, however I believe TR is looking at (or working on) improving Bluetooth compatibility now that Windows 10 has better support.

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