Request MINIMUM VOLUME Full Distance Triathlon Plan

I love the trainingplans low volume for the half distance and I am looking foreward to finish my first in september. I am thinking about signing up for a full distance if I finish the 70.3.

The problem is that I can not spare more time for it because of my partner, work… (you know what I am talking about :sweat_smile:)

By searching through the internet I found a few trainingsplans promising to finish in 10 hours training/week which would be almost in the same category as the half distance low volume plan.


Considering the efficiency of trainerroad bike workouts it would be REALLY NICE if you guys from trainerroad could create a plan for that. I guess it could also be of greatest attraction for potential future users - like: Become Iron in 10h/week with Trainerroad :rofl:

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