Gympass partnership

I was wondering if y’all have considered partnering with Gympass which allows folks to combine their gym/app subscription (and is offered through workplace). Strava is a relevant example of app for which I have subscription through Gympass.

I had never heard of Gympass. Not sure how much reach they have and in which geo. I checked on their site. My US based employer is not listed.

They work with the employers (it took me a while to convince my current employer with 150k+ employees to sign up with them). Many physical gyms and studios at many levels (e.g. SoulCycle, bar3, LifeTime, OrangeTheory, LA Fitness, YMCA, 4h fitness) as well as apps (natably Strava, Yogaia, etc.) have partnered with them. The have a multi level membership setup, so as an employee, I get to choose my level and pay for it (the cost can be subsidized by the employer) and then I have access to all the gyms and apps at that level. Think about the setup like healthplan that your employer provides, you get multiple options and you typically pay for the portion of the cost, etc.