Feature Request - Pay per ride

The new group workouts look really interesting and I particularly enjoyed watching the group ramp test.

I wonder if the option of paying per ride would be an option in the future?

Since the lock down my tri club has been attempting to put on group turbo trainer workouts. However, this is hampered by people using different training platforms (eg TR, Zwift) or none of these. The Trainerroad group workout would be fantastic for a club session.

Quite a few of these people would be keen to do an occasional group workout but wouldn’t pay a monthly fee as they aren’t interested in following a plan.

Could there be a way of paying per session or for a 24hr pass?


Short term solution is the free trial code.


Sounds like it’s a win win if tr were to offer a limited pay per ride deal.

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Very few apps do that. It requires a token emission/token usage payment management setup that doesn’t exist in the vast majority of apps. Plus you enter the “I did a session, but I had dropouts so I couldn’t finish it” series of user support debates.

Not really. You’re talking about getting someone to sign up, expect to know the platform, what would pricing be that wouldn’t cause people to complain, and then cover the processing fee for credit cards, all to make what? $1.50?


Alternatively, there could be an option for a club membership?

This might allow 1 or 2 group workouts per week with a certain number of people who aren’t members?

I know neither of these ideas would be the core business but they might bring in additional users who aren’t interested in a monthly fee. Additionally, some of these users might go on to become standard members.


I think a variation of this that could possibly work is to expand the free trial codes to something that could give existing TR subscribers a limited number of group workouts that they could invite non-members to.
Maybe something like 1 or 2 invites a month. This would allow members to occasionally do some rides with non-members, and would potentially get new people to try the platform out. I can see people who are willing to try a group workout that won’t bother with a free month.

This doesn’t help the OP’s use case of group rides, but I could see something like this be manageable from a business/technology point of view.


Hey @R_H,

Unfortunately, we do not have plans to offer pay per session or 24 hour pass subscription options.

Our mission is to make our users faster through structured training plans, ride analysis, and season-long power analysis tools. We view TrainerRoad as a complete training system, and we want to dedicate our resources to continually improve that system. Sadly, developing pay-per-use access would distract from that mission.

That being said, we do have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you and your riding mates could give it a shot for a month before seeing if you want to continue your subscription :+1:.