Fitness app to track everything

Currently I use Strava to track my outdoor riding and occasional running, Garmin Connect to track my indoor rides (Trainerroad, zwift, etc), Progression Fitness app to track my gym/weights and a separate Strava account for hiking.
Sounds complicated, I know. But I don’t like having indoor and outdoor being grouped as one for end of year totals, and having separate apps makes it easier to track my current progress for each activity.
What I want though, is another app (crazy I know ha) that I can sync all of the above with, sort of like a fitness aggregator that will display a daily breakdown of calories used, time, etc. Does this exist? I’ve tried Google fit, but it doesn’t seem to work as I want.
What is everyone else using?

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My thought was Garmin connect. But you have it for indoor rides. What about a strava for indoor (unless TR can pull that info in) and Garmin for everything?

That could be an option, I’ll have a look and see if I can get my gym workouts to sync Garmin connect. Might end up buying a Garmin watch ha

The paid version of TrainingPeaks will do a lot of what you are after. You can code workouts by type and it will import anything you track on your devices and you can also hand enter virtually anything you want like weight training etc as well as daily metrics like weight, blood pressure, etc. You can get data out for one workout type but super fine detail like daily totals by type is not easy but you can get some high level stuff. it tends to want to work by week not by day. Any data like HR, power, distance, etc it handles great whatever the sport. For stuff like weight lifting, you can put it all in there but there’s no analysis.


I can highly recommend “Gym Life”. It has a ton of features in a simple and easy to use interface. I’ve downloaded a ton of workout log type apps, free and paid, Apple and Android, was never impressed by any of them. But Gym Life planner impressed me a lot

Garmin Connect has many types of sports, including Cycling and Indoor Cycling, hiking, climbing, etc so wht not to let it rule them all?


I was doing the same thing tracking on multiple apps and ended up getting the Garmin Fenix watch to do everything from Garmin Connect and it’s great. I really like the interface and the metrics it provides. I still use Strava but it’s more passive as I have it synced up with Garmin Connect.

Have a look at Today’s Plan, covers loads of sports and the analysis and syncing is excellent.

I personally adore a MyFitnessPal type app for workouts. Something that tracked muscle groups, frequency weight and deficiencies in program. Though I’m currently not working out as I am writing my dissertation. Gonna use help of Have only 7 days to finish and still a lot of work to be done (my app) will do all that for you. You just need to get everything on Strava.