Vitality App Link Integration [Feature Request]

Hey there, anyone else’s workplace offer discounts/rebates if you sign up for Vitality? I had this at a previous employer and know how to sync Strava through some backdoors, but I haven’t found a way to upload trainer rides yet through Trainerroad. Anyone figured this out?


Hey! Does the Vitality app allow for importing of .fit files? That would be the only direct way to send TrainerRoad workouts currently.

@IvyAudrain Vitality doesn’t but Vitality syncs to mapmyfitness which allows .fit files. Thank you! I had tried .tcx files to mapmyfitness and gotten errors. This is very helpful and saves me $100 a month on my insurance :slight_smile:

Ah okay, I’ll go ahead and mark this more direct integration as a TrainerRoad Feature Request. We’ll keep an eye on this based upon athlete interest before working into the developer’s roadmap.

In the meantime, if Vitality integrates with Strava as you mentioned, you can directly sync your TrainerRoad workouts to Strava no problem!

If you need a hand with that, feel free to let myself or the team via know and we’ll gladly help out. :sunglasses:


i am not sure if i am responding in the correct place as this is my first time on the forum and I’ve just signed up with trainer road.
so i have discovery vitality and have just spoken to them about not recognizing my trainer road workouts. trainer road is not part of their approved partner’s list and even tho I am syncing to strava and Garmin they will not recognize the workout.
they have suggested that i get hold of trainer road to contact them to bo be added to this list

Am with vitality in NZ, and to get the points, i have to dual record with my garmin when doing workouts. But it be great if it was integrated with TR.

If it’s directly recorded with a garmin ( like my outdoor rides) then it gets forwarded to Vitality.
If the primary recording is made in TR and then forwarded to garmin; then Garmin doesn’t push it out to Vitality.

If someone has a workaround, I would be interested.