Gunni Grinder 2023 - Colorado

Just signed up for this race. Does anybody have any experience with the course? Thanks!

The Gunni Grinder 120
When: September 9, 2023
Where: Gunnison, CO

The course utilizes a single loop-format. Although some paved roads are necessary, the vast majority (about 83%) of the course will be on gravel and dirt roads. Some of these roads receive little to no maintenance and can change drastically after heavy rains and/or snowfall. Riders are encouraged to be fully prepared for any and all conditions. The route is remote therefore will include signage to help prevent riders from getting off course.

I’ve had multiple friends tell me it is one of the hardest days they’ve ever had on a bike. Relentless climbs (including that big one near the end) and some roads are very rough. It can also still be very hot in Gunnison this time of the year.

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Thanks. Doing a bit of Strava research found this:


As for the weather, it does seem 7-10 degrees higher from where I live. I’ve been losing my heat adaptation in the last 4 weeks. I guess it’s time for a bit of panic sauna sessions.

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Yep I know Nick and he is no joke. If he has a hard day, we’re all gonna have a hard day.

1 Like recently had a write-up about this loop, and a great photo gallery to give you a little preview of what you’re in for…


I’m thinking about it @oldandfast but I may tag along with some friends to Gravel Nats. Bummer they are the same day. It’s a hard course with and like @jamesdanielosborne noted, if it was rough for Nick, it’ll be a hell of a day.

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No Fall Classic in your backyard?

Was considering Gunni as well but am leaning towards Breck for Fall Classic the same day.

Nick is super strong so if he says it’s legit, I’d believe him.

This looks like some type 2 fun. I have 10 days off from work. Other than this route, presumably Gunnison and Salida area more than enough to offer for gravel riding to make a trip out of it?

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For sure. Look at the Guffey Huffer course too. GUFFEY HUFFER | Colorado Endurance Series

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Some great gravel out in Como.

Salida 76 course is also decent once you climb out of town. The Guffey route.

@wfenwick I should! I’ll do a lil bit of preriding to get familiar with Fuller trail. I was just thinking of doing something different Fall Classic course is solid. It’s a bit shorter, but still the same amount of climbing as last year.

Salida 76 looks great. I was super bummed to have missed it before it sold out.

Fuller Trail really isn’t all that bad if you’re comfortable and familiar with high speed Breck moto trail dissents. There’s nothing terribly technical about it. It’s just very fast and pretty steep. The very end can catch you off guard if you were really cookin. It just gets very steep and loose very fast with a lot of big boulders that would ruin your day on XC bike.

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I looked into it. I’m sure the atmosphere around the event will be nice, but that course looks boring. Good Luck!

Those routes are no joke. How about Vapor Trail 125?

Beautiful landscape!

Incredible, if you love super high backcountry big bike overnight races!

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I attempted the 120 last year and made it 30 miles before I turned around on my final plug. Had 4 flats in those miles and didn’t want to attempt the rest of it with no more plugs. Some really nice smooth sections of gravel at the beginning but then there were hard packed spots with SHARP rocks that kept tearing my tires open. I saw a lot of folks with flats besides me. If I were to do it again I would definitely use inserts and maybe up the PSI and maybe ride more carefully. Overall though it was pretty although I heard the people who completed it mentioned it was a lot of the same over and over but idk that’s most gravel races imo.

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I didn’t sign up so still debating Gunni.

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I did read someone’s recap on it from last year via a friend on Strava and it resembled what you said: Basically climb for 20-30 minutes of rough gravel, descend down rough gravel, go through sand, do it again 3-4 times.

Can’t be worse than Co2ut?!

My skin did not peel off my hands and didn’t feel like it was going to anytime soon, so yes I’d say better than Co2Ut :rofl:


I’m hoping it won’t be harder than Ned Ultra. But I’m game if it is.