Belgian Waffle Ride: North Carolina 2023

Hey everyone. We’re 6 weeks out from BWR:NC so I wanted to go ahead and drop a thread for the 2023 edition. Last year’s thread is actually quite helpful as people posted both before and after the ride with their specific questions, suggestions, and pro tips.

Would love to hear which training plans people are doing to prepare, and if there are any specific workouts that people feel are helpful to do (Disaster, anyone?).

Drop a note if you’re planning on doing BWR:NC this year, or if you have any tips from last year.

I’m doing it for the second time this year. Work has been busy, so I used Plan Builder to build a low-volume plan for this race, a marathon MTB race at the end of July, and another at the start of September. I’ve been adding a group ride and at least one one off-road day per week to the plan, and my volume is actually up from last year, even though I’m on a low-volume plan.

I’m looking for tire pressure advice if anyone can help. I’m running Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H. I used the same tire last year at 36lb rear and 34 front. That felt too hard, but I’m afraid going lower would cost too much on the pavement.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!