GroupWork Out Mic note working when my video is own

When I log on to GW my audio comes in broken and distorted to others in the group. When I turn off my video the Audio works fine. The first two days I did group workouts I had no issues everthing worked fine then on day 3 and four nothing so inorder to talk I have to turn off the video. :cry:

I have an HP model 15 laptop( its new but last years model) is suspect Windows 10
Prozis blue tooth earphones
mic and webcame are organic to the computer.

Have you tried using the test your mic feature in the A/V settings of Group Workouts? It allows you to record yourself and plays it back. Then you can experiment with different mic choices and/or placement. Really helpful also for making sure your fan(s) isn’t creating wind noise on the mic.

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Our Support Team would be happy to help you troubleshoot audio/video issues for Group Workouts. You can reach out to the team via email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can :+1:.

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Thanks, last night I asked Bill Gates :sweat_smile: to fix it meaning I went into tools and had windows run a diagnostic on the mic and audo connections… game back with problem fixed green check mark. Then did what you mentioned but I did NOT touch any of the settings. Today it worked fine. I must have moved a setting :man_facepalming:
thank you

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