Group workout audio problems

Hopefully the tile isn’t misleading but a few friends and I have been using group workouts and it’s been great to chat during recoverys and see people’s suffering faces during ramp tests however one friend in particular has a mic/audio issue when more than two people are in the group. If she’s one of the first two people on we can talk just fine but when more people start coming on her audio cuts out. She can always hear us but we can’t always hear her. We go from perfect audio to hearing maybe one word out of every 20. I’m not saying this is a trainer rd issue but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Maybe a setting or something isn’t right. If it matters she has a Lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

Hey! If its one athlete in particular, its probably worth a shot to have them get in touch with the support team ( to see if they can run through any device-specific troubleshooting. While it may be a mic issue, it also may be a wifi or system based issue that the team can help try to address!