Feature Request - Group Workouts Chat

As @dbf and I struggled today to get our audio feeds working, I realized it’d be really handy to have a chat feature available, at least for trouble-shooting purposes. Sometimes, it might also be nice to send messages during the easy intervals.

The hard intervals are a different story, though, so I propose that during the main work sections, the interface could be replaced by a handful of emoji:


I mentioned it for just this reason in the main thread:

You know, I thought about posting this there, but I always find the really big threads to be intimidating, and I wasn’t sure it was the right place for an upgrade request. :expressionless:

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It’s good to do separate FR’s. I just wanted to share the comment as the +1 idea to help drive priority is useful.

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Yeah. Typing is inconvenient enough with my setup that I wouldn’t use it during a workout, but the Group Workout A/V setup is touchy enough right now (especially with everyone being new to it) that having chat for debugging would be helpful. Otherwise, if there’s an audio issue, it’s impossible to help people fix it.