Group workout issues


I’m the ride coordinator for a club in PA and am looking for a platform for group workouts. We successfully used Zwift during the COVID lockdown, but the process was too complicated for several of our non-tech savvy members.

The TrainerRoad Group Workout feature looked very promising.

I ran a test yesterday with myself as coach and 3 other participants. Unfortunately, we had several issues. The video/audio feed froze and dropped intermittently and the workout stats displayed incorrectly for all but one of the participants.

Everyone’s workout behaved accurately, but the video/audio/participant display issues detracted from the experience given the workout instructions are disabled and a connection with the coach is necessary to get them.

I really like the simplicity and would love to have this as an alternative to Zwift but I’m hesitant to roll this out to our larger group given the results of this first test.

Are these issues commonplace in group workouts?


Those issues are not common from what I have seen and experienced.

I think you should contact so they can review info on their side to analyze the issues. Hopefully they can find a resolution.


Thanks! I’ve submitted a support request per your suggestion.

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