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I’m a triathlon coach that has been using the Group Workout feature with my athletes 3x/week for the past 2+ years since Covid. In that time, I’ve “recruited” at least 20 athletes to switch from other platforms to TrainerRoad as I can coach more effectively with TR group workouts. I can see all I need for 10 athletes at a time with power, cadence and heart rate data. Unfortunately, the only way for me to get the simple instructions for cadence variation, seated vs climbing, single-leg drills, etc is to watch the entire 60-90 min workout the night before and take notes. I don’t need all of the detailed instructions, just the critical short info. If anyone is interested, I’ve watched dozens of workouts and have Word documents with the simple instructions to pass on to athletes during the workouts. At one point, I discovered I could use Workout Creator from the TR workout library to see instructions for each block. Unfortunately, that capability has been disabled. Can we get that back or is there some other simple answer? Thanks!

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Hey @jmdaylu! Welcome to the TrainerRoad forum!

Good news, you don’t need to do this!

You can still do this! Not all Workouts have Instructional Text. The Workouts that do include Instructional Text will have black marks at the bottom of the blue graph in Workout Creator. These black marks indicate the interval in which the Instructional Text will appear.

  1. Search for the Workout you are interested in, ensuring to select the “TrainerRoad” tab as opposed to the “Custom” tab.
  2. Once you have renamed the duplicate you are creating, you’ll see that there are black marks at the bottom of the blue graph that denote when the Instructional Text will appear.
  3. Click on the interval with the Instructional Text that is of interest.
  4. Click “Edit Text” in the top right corner.
  5. This will show you the Instructional Text for that specific time point.

Take a look at the screen recording below and let me know if you have any questions about this!

[video-to-gif output image]


@SarahLaverty has got serious documentation skillz !

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The 5-step instructions you’ve listed below used to work for me without a problem. My problem happens before Step 1 in trying to search for an existing original TrainerRoad workout. My only options are the previous custom options I created in the past. Not sure how to access the TrainerRoad workout database. Maybe I’m not bringing up the correct version of Workout Creator? Here’s how I bring up the app and what I see on the screen:

  1. Under Workouts, selected “Custom” on upper bar. It brings up a prompt to “Open Workout Creator”. I click on the box.
  2. When workout creator comes up, the Workouts tab is enabled in the upper left along with the Custom tab just below the search bar. I select the TrainerRoad tab to the right of Custom and can see the 27 duplicate workouts I’ve created in the past to read the instructions.
  3. When I try to search for a TrainerRoad workout, no options come up. It’s only searching my previous custom options vs the TrainerRoad workouts. The TrainerRoad and Custom tabs show the same 27 duplicate workouts and I’m not able to find any other workout names.

I’m not sure when this capability stopped working for me. Please advise.



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Hmmm okay, I have some suggestions for you that should sort this out.

So that I have a full understanding of what is going on for you, can you please share screenshots of the steps you described?

  1. Let’s have you try restarting your computer if we haven’t restarted it for a while - If we usually leave the computer on “sleep”, let’s have you try restarting the computer, just in case. This will help refresh things, in case something may have gotten in a bad state that might have caused this to happen.

  2. Clear Workout Creator Login Data

  1. Open Windows Explorer :file_folder:, and insert %appdata% into its address bar, and press [Enter].
  2. Scroll down until you find a folder named
  3. Open this folder, and inside, you’ll see two other folders: “ELS” and “Local Store.”
  4. Delete the ELS folder. We can do this by right-clicking “ELS” and pressing “Delete.” This is the folder that houses your login data. Your workout data will be unaffected.
  5. Empty the Recycle Bin
  1. If that doesn’t work, let’s have you clear Workout Creator data:
    1. Open Windows Explorer :file_folder:, and insert %appdata% into its address bar, and press [Enter].
    2. Scroll down until you find a folder named
    3. Right-click that folder and press “Delete”
    4. Empty the Recycle Bin

Give those steps a shot and let me know how you get on. If you have any questions about this, please shoot them this way!

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I cleared out the folder, deleted the ELS folder and emptied the recycle bin. It did clear out the login data and it did require that I login to the workout creator. Still only see the list of 27 workout descriptions that I had created previously. Can’t find any of the TrainerRoad workouts in the search bar.

Let me know if you want to chat and work with me real time on trying something different.



Here’s the screen shot with my 27 files:

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One other piece of info that may help……
I just downloaded workout creator on my husband’s laptop since I’ve never used that device. Workout Creator did download all 3000+ workouts from the TrainerRoad database. So, now we know that the problem is something on my computer since it works on a different computer.

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I spoke to the team about this and I think we should manually import the TrainerRoad Workout Library to Workout Creator. Here’s how, for Windows:

  1. Using the Cortana search, search for %AppData%

  2. Click on the “” folder to open it. ​​

  1. Click on “Local Store”

  1. Next, delete the TrainerRoadTools.db file

  1. Finally, download the TrainerRoadTools.db file that I have sent to you in an email (associated to your TrainerRoad account), unzip it, and drop it into the “Local Store” Folder, it should be open on your computer still.

Let us know if that does the trick!

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Yes, that worked! Thanks so much and have a great holiday!