Feature request: Simplified in-ride instructions

Would it be possible to choose to have the in-ride instructions to show only commands for drills?

I was listening the podcast before subscribing to TR and the guys were talking about watching Netflix while training. I liked the idea since I don’t have much time to watch TV nowadays. However, I soon realized that, with the in-ride instructions on, I cannot focus on TV. I do prefer keeping the instructions on because I think the the drills are very useful for me. However, after completing SSB1, I feel that I could already do without most of the instruction. It would be enough to just have the ones telling me specifically what to do (increas cadence, get more aero etc.). That would allow me to also enjoy some entertainment.


I get the preference in the request, but this would be a large effort and time commitment.

  1. Create at least 2 classes of instruction text. Relatively easy in a general sense.
  2. Apply the desired class to each and every line of text in every workout that contains it. That’s 980 workouts at the moment. Each at 30 minutes to over 2 hours duration and notes for maybe 75% to 90% of that time. I expect it would be a large time requirement to weed through and classify all that text into bucket ‘A’ or bucket ‘B’

Interesting idea, but not easy or quick, if in guessing right.

Chad brings up some really good points here about the difficulty in implementing a feature like this, however, the issue you bring up is certainly valid. Especially as people start to take their workouts outside, it would be useful to find an alrternative way to transmit drill-oriented information.

One possibility we’ve considered is the ablity to view workout text in advance so that you can map out and memorize the drills before jumping into the workout. Or to simply have the drills listed in the workout description.

While we don’t have any immmediate plans to address this, I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration as resources free up and we begin to look for ways to make impactful improvements to the app :+1:.


Thanks for the answer. I understand it would take a lot of time to make another set of in-ride instructions. I’m wondering if it would be possible to crowd-source this. Trainerroad users would strip the in-ride instructions off anything else than the drill instructions and submit it to Trainerroad or other users to review. I’m not sure if there is any convenient way to do this it, but if there was and there were enough active users to do this, it might be done relatively quickly. I wouldn’t mind doing this for my future workouts if would benefit other users as well.