Feature request - instructions in group workouts

First up, I’m fairly new to TR and I love it so far and I especially love that you added group workouts - I think they’re a great feature and I find doing TR workouts with my friends is much better than riding around in a virtual world.

One thing I think would make them better is if we could get coach Chad’s instructions while doing group workouts. Is this in the pipeline?


I have found myself joining a group workout and then loading the same workout on my phone, to get the instructions.
I would much prefer it if the instructions where in the group workout.
Just because the way I do it is a faff.
I like the group workouts but I also like the instructions as well. It makes the workouts more interesting.
Otherwise you are just pedaling at one cadence, most of the time.


same here…had to do my Workout alone and joining the Group via hangouts and then reading the instructions to my mates.
it can´t be a big deal to insert the instructions

pleeeeze :slight_smile:


I think some Peloton patents might be an issue here - I seem to recall some mention of that somewhere.

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I believe that comment was more around “live instruction” in the sense of a TR “leader” in the GW, not text. But that is from memory, with limited knowledge of the P patent, and I could be off.

I haven’t read the patent at all, so my commentary is quite uninformed :slight_smile: That said, Peloton has sued Flywheel for patent infringement, Nordictrack for patent infringement, and sent letters to Shane Miller regarding his “digital peloton news” youtube segment.

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I really, really hope that this is something that is added soon. Some of the workouts have critical information to the training that we cannot see in group workouts @Nate_Pearson :sweat:

It would be very valuable if this is supported. I train with Purple Patch, and all their workouts have lot of instructional text. That is missed out in group workout.

Tested group workouts with some friends but don’t see any reason to use them until you can see the instructions. Just going to hop on discord for audio and video if we wanted it. Especially at the beginning of base, what would the point of those ilt sections be if you don’t know they are ilts?

Hope this can get added soon.

+1 for adding the option (since I didn’t apparently state it explicitly here before now).

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I’ve passed this along to the development team! Many thanks for helping us improve! :star2:


Hi, I’m doing some rides with my friend in a group workout, but really miss the guidance of the instructional workout text which i’m really used to.
Is there a way to see it while doing a group workout? Was it disabled in the software on purpose?

I moved your post into an existing thread on the topic.

The instructions were intentionally removed to focus on the group aspect. This is a request thread to get them added as an optional setting.

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Is there any update on this? I feel like I’m missing crucial parts of the workout when doing them with friends because the instructions do not show. Has it been added as an option that I’m missing?