Bluetooth earbuds sound interference when using TR software

Hi there,

when training at home I use blt earbuds, specifically samsung earbuds+, connected to the pc where the trainer is also connected aswell as the Hr monitor.

Now when using TR I get huge interference in the buds. it happens all the time even if only the pc app is running (without any training going on or other equipment connected)

while using other software in the past something like this never happened.

at first when I installed TR i didnt install the recommend blt drivers, because i already had some and they were workjing just fine. Even TR was working fine with my equipment.
after startiing the first training session I noticed this interference and “forgot and reconnected” my earbuds and I did install the TR blt drivers but the issue still persist.
I also tried to use ant+ for the equipments and only blt for the buds

has anyone happened something similar?

Bluetooth 5.0 on your Computer?

no. just regular tp link blt 4 dongle

I see where blt5 could solve the problem but then wouldnt it happened also on the other training softwares?

music streaming over BLT need Bandwith, so BLT5 or 5.1 is the best for it, otherwise you have a bottleneck, sometimes good, then bad.

i have an MacMini with BLT5 and haven’t any problem when using App togehter with Apple Music via BLT earbuds like Airpods Pro or Jabras

I haven’t with TR, but I have a pair of BT headphones that messes up when I’m outside with my garmin. Inside they are fine. Never could fix it, so I have a different pair for outside (yes I only use one everyone can relax).

I’ve had times where my Bluetooth headphones will cut out when using TR connected via BT to my Wahoo. I suspect it’s a bandwidth limitation but I’m not positive.