TR workout suddenly not working

Can anyone help me??

After 12 months of never having a problem, all of a sudden for some reason, I’ve just started a workout but the trainer isn’t following the workout resistance. I haven’t changed anything, no settings, no nothing. The only difference I can think of is that my last ride was an Outdoor TR workout and somehow that has affected something?? I can’t see why, but it has to be related. I’ve checked everything I can think of and everything looks as it should. Same devices are paired, and in my calendar today’s workout is scheduled for indoor. Any suggestions? Thanks

Try unplugging and plugging your trainer back in. Also make sure it’s not connected to another BT source (like another phone.

Restart your device too as there could be a problem with bluetooth.

If none of those things work email and they will figure out what’s going on.

Sorry about this!


No need to be sorry, we will figure it out I’m sure! Thanks for the reply buddy. I really wanted to do today’s workout so I went old school and used my gears instead haha I will try your suggestions and get back to this thread, cheers

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