🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Awesome! Glad to help and hopefully anyone else having trouble can benefit as well.

It will update in the background, but if you want to make sure you have it you can go to Download the Latest Version of TrainerRoad for Your Device - TrainerRoad

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I saw your post and I was like :no_mouth:.


@Nate_Pearson @Bryce are there keyboard quick keys for below?

Meanwhile, there’s also two quick-access buttons up top for turning off audio/video streaming to others. This allows you to turn on/off that outbound mic and video streams rapidly, in the event your significant other decides to walk through the room sans-clothes. It doesn’t impact the underlying workout streaming in any way.

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Not yet, but it’s on the list.


Thank you and will be trying this tomorrow. Keep up the good work and loving all of the enhancements.

Feature request: ramp test. Keep up the great work, TR!

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It sounded like it was definitely on their radar, but the ramp test seems to use slightly different logic than a typical workout, so that probably takes a little more engineering before it works right.

We’ll work on it soon.


This is such great news.

What is everyone’s plan for music? My Bluetooth headphones can’t do two simultaneous audio sources, and I don’t want to pair/unpair every interval because pairing to the laptop would be a PitA.

I’m thinking a pair of corded headphones plugged into my phone to play music, and just not be able to hear my buddies during the interval. The awkward breathing/silence isn’t that motivating.

Did a test run with a couple buddies this evening…didn’t do the actual workout, but sent out the code, got everyone in and set up the audio and video. Could listen to Spotify in the background and set the music volume independently of the workout volume.

Super easy and seamless…full workout with then tomorrow @ 7:00am.

This is awesome.


Idea: perhaps TR could provide a page that has a live listing of active groups workouts that people could jump in on if so inclined. Listing could show workout, progress, members, etc.
You’d probably have to have some way to allow users to set the group workout as listed/unlisted.

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I‘ve got an Early 2011 MacBook Pro and had mad issues with TR until I made some hardware upgrades(SSD drive and 16GB ram). I‘m also running High Sierra. Performance is night and day. TR seems to run flawlessly now even this latest release. Still running the old Bluetooth card but ANT+ is sufficient.

Hats of to you guys at TrainerRoad for providing such an awesome product and always seeming to push forward to satisfy the needs of the consumer!!!

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Second this idea. People could set up their workout for a set time and then select whether they want them to be public or not. All the public workouts could be listed and sorted by when they are due to start. So anyone could log on, see a Geiger starting in 10 minutes and then jump in on that. Granted you may end up doing your workout on your own but would have done anyone and if people join it is a plus.

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Anyone test the bandwidth requirement? I figure @Nate_Pearson and all tested with the obvious standard/basic Wifi with some kind of decent internet speed, but what about the far edge / fringe case of Wifi over cell / Personal Hotspot? With the video, I’m guessing it’ll be “yeah, that’ll be a no, not supported, good luck with that…” My pain cave is in the basement of the apartment building, there’s no wifi or network drop down there (I tried PowerLine adapters but it’s a different circuit) and 2-3 bars of cell.

This is very cool!
I’m now pushing my friends even harder to try en get them to take a subscription!
Good job guys!!!

Great feature. Bringing it to android and iPhone apps as the next priority would be great!

On a whole other note: Could we get a podcast “Baxter with Nate” kinda like “Riding fixed up Mountains” ? Just get some guests on the group workout and do a Baxter -2 and have a chat :wink:


It’s probably not a feature I will use much but well done on the tech side of things to make it work.

I’m not sure I would gain motivation from watching others doing a workout at the same time.

I’m more likely to do this with people I would never meet in real life rather than with club mates.

Also, I often workout with no top on to keep cooler and I’m sure my Schwarzenegger-like physique will distract some :wink:

Being a moodhoover, I’d be interested to see how popular this feature is in a few weeks, months time. I think there are far more basic things, that would benefit far more people than this. I’m always up for new features and this looks like it has been implemented well but I think for the majority of users, this is something they won’t use. Maybe once or twice as a gimmick but after that…not so sure.