🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

I’ve just explained that new feature to a group of friends I usually ride with, but can’t now because of social distancing. We all think that easier workouts are better together, sort of like a cafe ride. Easier to schedule too, just put pettit or whatever into you plan on an easy day - if it’s your usual riding group, you’ll likely have the same ‘cafe ride day’ in your week anyway.

Stupidly I can’t even use it, because I haven’t got a desktop-app-compatible device. :smirk:


It says “make sure you have the newest version of the app” in the blogpost, so I guess that’s a no.

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Just been watching the launch stream and the question of courses came up. Yes please!

Is it appropriate to not wear a jersey?


Why not? I usually wear a dry fit T-shirt on the trainer!

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I have a potential work around for being able to do different workouts than the host. It requires a PC/Mac and another PC/Mac or mobile device.

  1. Run the TR Group Workout on a PC as a guest (not the host) make sure to unpair your devices (Most important is to NOT have your smart trainer paired).

    • You want to join the group workout, but not have training devices linked to the PC/Mac device and the TR app.
  2. Run a second TR app instance via mobile or a 2nd PC/Mac, with devices paired like normal.

    • You actually run your individual workout from this app like any other solo TR workout

This should allow you to join a group workout, but not really “do” it, even while the host and any other members are actually following the workout. I have not tested this, but expect it to work fine. The main limit is needing to run TR on 2 devices and the extra steps to get there.

This will all go away once they allow mixed workout use, but for now, this might help people ride together without needing to match the workout at least.

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What if the host bailed out half way? Will participants’ workout be paused half way as well?

I think some top is appropriate, for “open” invites when you may or may not have a history with the fellow riders. If you ride with others you know an establish a history and understanding, I think tops can be optional.

I have not ridden with a top inside in many, many years. I am shopping for more base layers, especially the mesh type ones, with an eye to having some coverage, but one that works to cool best.

Thanks for all the hard work getting this live so quickly TR! Where can we post feature requests?

I’d l love to be able to share 2 screens with the group ride. Or, turn off my camera and share a window or screen instead (ala Zoom). It would be great to ride to a Youtube race video or watch the same Netflix movie at the same time.

The control shifts to one of the other members. No problem or interruption to the workout. It keeps rolling.

The host (and anyone else with the code) can rejoin at any time.

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My pain cave is in the garage… It gets really hot here in the summer, and I sweat enough that the dry fit t-shirt prevents any sweat from getting on bike and ground. Plus it reduces space in hamper, versus my cycling jerseys.

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You could Airplay the laptop to the AppleTV and hopefully in the future iPad or iPhone.

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I don’t were a jersey. I only did for the stream for the branding.


Sure, but that is not “running” on the ATV. It’s just casting, because you still need the base Mac to make it all work. That’s just another option like using HDMI out from the laptop to the TV. It’s just a display at that point.

Some people in testing did a group ride where they watched the same netflix movie. It was a 2 hour aerobic ride and they just used the netflix party feature. They said it worked well.


This will work. Although if you stick around to the end of the group workout, you will most likely end up with that workout on your career and uploaded to Garmin, Strava etc. So you might want to exit the group workout before it ends.

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True, an early and discard selection will probably prevent the extra workout.

Worst case, you have an extra workout to delete manually.

We have no plans to support Apple TV at this time.

BOO! :grin::rofl::grin::rofl: Seriously, ATV is cool. Works brilliantly and it’s a very cheap entry tool compared to a PC.

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This will only work on the latest versions of the Beta and Production apps. The Legacy apps are “frozen in time”, so they work in their current form but will not recieve any new features or updates.