🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Yes, they can be reused any time.

cool - so just to be 100% sure Can I have just one code I reuse all the time, regardless of wether it’s a workout or a ramp test and ignore the auto generated one each time?

No, the code that you generate is specific to whatever workout you were lading when it was generated. If you put in the code you used for your last group ramp test, it is going to load another group ramp test. If you generated s code for Pettit last time, it will load Pettit this time again.

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Ah, that makes more sense, cheers!

We should launch our updated AV system today! It has a lot of goodness but also 11 people in a ride and custom workout support.

Everyone will have to be on the latest release for it to work, but it should prompt everyone.


The release Nate mentioned has just been pushed out to everyone! It includes the following updates:

  • Increased workout limit to 11 instead of 5.
  • Added the ability to do Custom Group Workouts
  • Added a more reliable audio/video service.
  • Added ability for Host to remove another athlete from a Group Workout.
  • Added ability for Host to turn off another athlete’s mic or video.
  • Added ability to report other athletes.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts in addition to tweaking some existing ones.
  • Fixed issue where you would be removed from a Group Ramp Test if you didn’t have power and selected to “end test”.
  • Added sound indicator when second athlete joins a Group Workout.
  • Fixed issue where live FTP value could still update once test portion of a Ramp Test has completed.
  • Added more clear error messaging when you are unable to join a workout.
  • Added new settings panel that more clearly breaks up different app settings.
  • Fixed issue where Hammer H3 displayed resistance mode instead of Standard mode.
  • Disabled workout text sounds for Group Workouts.
  • Removed 0,1,i,l,o from new Group Workout codes.
  • Adjusted Intensity buttons to be up/down arrows instead of left/right arrows.

@MattWTriCoach we just released an update that allows you to stay in a Ramp Test even if you don’t have power connected and click “end test”.

  • Can we get a full list of the shortcuts?

None seem listed in the current support site:

Just been kicked out of group workouts when you pushed the update.

Here is a list of the new and updated shortcuts, they can be found under Settings in the desktop apps. We are working on adjusting that article now, so thanks for mentioning it! :slight_smile:


I’m getting an error message “an update is required to access this feature” when trying to enter a group workout but I have not gotten the “update is available” at the top of the screen.

The banner doesn’t appear until the latest version has finished downloading in the background. It should appear soon, but you can always download the latest version directly here.

Thanks I was being impatient. It finally popped up

Seconded. When can we expect iPadOS app with group workouts, @Nate_Pearson?

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A couple of other new things:

  • Workout name now shown (albeit kind of small and crammed in).
  • Projected end time of the workout (interesting as a request for total workout time remaining was mentioned just yesterday).


Projected end time is such a nice little QOL improvement :tada:


I don’t have a date, but you’ll see the iOS app updated then we’ll get group workouts on it. It’s a major project for us and pretty close.

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Rode the updated app today with a few pals, perhaps they can chime in too (@paulgrav @Mark0930)

  • Logging early (10mins or so) and had the same issue that could not see anyone else, had to log out and back in again to see the others.
  • Sound: when I activated my mic (pressing m) it cut the audio each time so could not have both - this was the default behaviour when I logged into the workout, and was restored when I muted. This also happened when I lost all video to the other guys and stayed that way when it came back on.
  • To get the audio and mic to work had to go into settings for the audio and mic, select another device and reselect the one I needed (my BT headset), then it worked.
  • During the workout when looking at the other chaps the embedded videos showed, in the last 1 hour, their cadence and HR as a stuck value.
  • the cog on the video for the others is not so obvious what it would have in that menu. I think it is also too easy to click ‘report athlete’, would argue that should be a separate button to press, maybe an exclamation mark or something

Workout is there for TR to check if they want to (today’s date, elephants +5, user admigo).
(sorry for the lengthy list, I partly work in product management :P)

HTH! :slight_smile: @Nate_Pearson

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Thanks @admigo! We’ll take a look at your ride this morning to see what we can find in the logs.

Did my first TR group workout today. Worked seamlessly and enjoyed it; 4yrs of training on my own and I may be a convert.
@bnied please pass my thanks on the the TR Team :+1: