Group workouts and AirPod connection issues

Lately I’ve been having issues with my AirPods Pro dropping the BT connection during Group workouts. It doesn’t happen on normal individual workouts. Sometimes it causes the whole BT stack to disconnect with the trainer reconnecting right away and AirPods Pro remain disconnected. Typically, just the AirPods Pro disconnect and won’t reconnect automatically. I’ll have to manually connect them again and then toggle microphone. Tried restarting the computer (just TR running) with no effect. Has anyone else been having this problem?

Setup is:

  • TR (most recent version) on my MBP (2016, 13 inch, macOS 10.15.4)
  • AirPod Pro (updated FW to 2D15)
  • Hammer connected via BT

I’ll see if it happens with my normal AirPods next group workout.

Would you mind reporting this to our Support Team to look into? We would love to take a closer look and help get you up and running without interruption :+1:.