Group Workout Room Code Sharing

Probably getting back into this after I finish my last 2 Zwift route badges (prl 1/2 and uber pretzel) and will check the calendar. Mainly do TB plans which are around 7-10 hours weekly.

Yesterday was fun, so let’s do it again!
This weeks hand selected, artisan-crafted workout is Garrowby -2: 75 minutes earing you 75 TSS @.77 IF in a series of 3 x 12 min, 4x3 min sweet spot zones.
Next Sunday at 11:00am PST.

I’m start SSBMV1 next week with schedule being aiming at 4 weekday rides and one weekend.

I’ll add the first couple of weeks to the calendar and on here for anyone that’s interesting in joining me on any of them. Timings will be either early mornings (6am) or evenings (8pm) - UK time GMT.

In the meantime I’m going to freestyle the rest of this week so will add a few now. Starting with this Threshold intervals with sprints.

Haven’t been on here for a while so is the calendar people are referring to still the same Google calendar as a few months ago. In other words has anything changed?

That’s correct. No changes yet as TR is busy hammering out the new iOS/Android apps.

Is the google calendar pretty empty or do I miss something?
Where can I meet others for group workouts?

Just 2 rides today, a ramp next Mon, and none I see set further out.

People need to take the bull by the horns and start putting their workouts on, if they want groups to ride. The first step is getting yours added. Without that effort, it will remain largely empty. This is not ideal, but it’s what we have right now.

It’s possible to skip the calendar, and just use the linking shared in a post, but that is tougher to view and consider within a person’s own schedule. So the calendar is the best if we really want to see all the options.


Yes, would be great to see the calendar full again now, as I guess many of us are entering various degrees of lockdown and would appreciate the moral support etc. I know I certainly would.

I added the ramp test for next Monday, which is the start of SS Base MV 1. I’ll be adding the other workouts as my diary becomes clearer.


Actually it looks like mine are the only ones on the calendar atm…

I’ll keep adding them and see what happens :smiley:

I follow your example and add mine too. :slight_smile:

Is it better to add the RSVP Link or the sharing code?

@mcneese.chad is it possible to pin the calendar thread on the top of the thread list, so it stays in sight?

OK, I pinned this topic to the top of the “Training” category until Feb 1.
We will see where the TR world sits at that time and adjust as needed.

Thanks for the suggestion. :smiley:

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Hey Chad, I’m not sure if this has worked - doesn’t seem pinned on my view anyway. Could just be me though…
Thanks for making the change.

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…think I’ve kind of answered my own question.

The change added the option to pin the thread to my view (a pin icon showing point up). When I click on that icon it turns the pin point down and the thread is pinned to the top of my forum view.

Thanks again Chad!


Short notice but I’ve just added Tallac to the calendar for this evening - 8;15pm GMT.

Anyone doing a ramp test on Tuesday (Jan 12)? I’m eastern time in US but fairly flexible on time.

I was planning to, but it’ll be 6am GMT, which is 1am eastern if my maths is right. I’m guessing that falls outside of “flexible” haha

Definitely not that flexible! Good luck

What plans are those doing ramp tests starting? Just wondering if I’ll be synced with any of you plan wise. I’m starting sweetspot base mid vol 1.

Whorl on Sat 16th Jan at 11am EST