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I’m starting general build MV. Just finished SSB2

Sweet spot base low volume 1 here. Same phase, different volume. I’m hoping to finally get back to some sort of training routine if my one year old will sleep reliably enough to let me!

That sounds like an issue many of us on here are familiar with, good luck!

I see from your comment above that you’re also UK based so hopefully some of our workouts align. I tend to fit mine in either early 6-7am GMT or late 8-9pm+. Sweetspot is reasonably easy to swap workouts for similar ones and both plans have over/unders as well in the later weeks.

You could skip doodling around the first weeks of SSB1 and join me in week 3 :wink:

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Happy to sub a few workouts to match yours. I’ve just run through SSBMV 1 and 2 with shortened 4 week timescale, so think I’ll be ok progression wise.

@Amnesty - Are your workouts on the calendar?

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Yes, they are. Antelope -4 on Wednesday is next.
Maybe Petit tomorrow, but I don’t know yet, when I can fit it in.
I‘d be happy to suffer together with you. Especially on Friday on Palisade :smiley:.
Since I am at GMT +1 the evening Workouts are a bit late for me, but the mornings should be fine.

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I’ve added your Antelope-4 and Palisade to my diary so will try to get on and join you.

I’ll add Pettit to the calendar as well for tomorrow morning. Not 100% I’ll do it but it’s there in case you or anyone else want to do it as a group.

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Is anybody planning to join the ramp test this evening? 8:15pm GMT.

Could push back a little later if needed.

I’m game for some rides this week and next! RSVP’d to some morning CST/EST rides.

Looking for sweetspot after a hard last week so I added Bondcliff (today 5pm CST/11pm GMT) and Chocura (7:30am CST/1:30pm GMT) this week. Hope to see some folks there!

Hey folks. I’m gonna try some more suffering tomorrow, Dade -1. 11:15MST, most likely followed by Holt Hill +1 around 12:15MST.

Dade -1:

Holt Hill +1:

Also, anyone doing anything longer and fun on Saturday, early AM? I am thinking about Eddy McKenny +2 but I’m open to options. Or might (gasp) check out a Zwift race or a Rouvy ride. Need to mix it up a little.

Sunday, Jan 17 at 11:00 am pst:

The Owl +1, 75 minutes of hard start sub threshold blocks; 84 TSS at .82 IF. Should be fun without being crazy.


You could always consider a disaster workout or rock house.
Shame you’re in a different timezone. :joy:

Wanted to join you for Chocura today and RSVP’d before I checked my work diary… I won’t be able to make it I’m afraid. Next time…

Yep rockhouse was on my mind (although, perhaps -3-5%!).

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This upcoming Sunday, Jan 24, at 11:00 am Pacific:


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Anyone interested in Geiger +1 soon?

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6am workouts added to the Calendar for the next two weeks. RSVP for each workout included in each entry. Workouts range from 1 to 1.5 hours. Come join if you are able.

Tomorrow’s link

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Everyone come start off February right with a few of us and do a ramp test! Tuesday 5:30pm CST.

Because it’s better with friends.


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